Work in Exchange for Housing Using House Sitting Platforms
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Work in Exchange for Housing
Using House Sitting Platforms

When it comes to finding a place to stay during a vacation or visit overseas, there are countless places to choose from. However, most of the time, travellers only consider the typical hotels and vacation rentals without looking at other options like when you work in exchange for housing. But what if you could stay in a persons home while they’re away and have all the comforts of a real house without needing to sign a lease? Well, an interexchange work and travel agreement will allow you just that.

What does it mean to work in exchange for housing?

It’s pretty much an agreement between the traveller and the home owner where they allow you to stay and watch their house while they are on their own travels. It’s known as a work exchange as you often have a few duties to keep on top of during your stay such as watering plants, collecting mail and most importantly, caring for pets. This way of travelling and staying in other people’s homes as a volunteer saving money has been around for a while now and its only growing in popularity as it benefits both parties involved. These platforms make it extremely easy to see who needs a house sitter and allows a connection between both parties. It’s a new age of volunteer travel.

Benefits for both the traveler and the host 

There are many benefits to the interexchange work and travel house sitting agreements. The traveller gets to stay somewhere free of cost, except they normally pay with their time of watching the property. On the other hand, the host has peace of mind that their home is in good hands while they are away. Not only do you get to live in a home during your stay but you can often look after and spend time with adorable pets and feel like a local.

Where can you find work exchange for room and board opportunities?

Trusted Housesitters 

Trusted Housesitters is one of the most well-known platforms for sitters with the most properties worldwide. It requires you to have a yearly subscription to be a part of the interexchange work and travel house sitting platform. You can search for specific locations, or dates and see what house sitting listings are available to apply for.


Nomador is another that offers the chance to participate in work exchange for room and board. It has been around since 2013 and allows people to not only house sit, but also build relationships and friendships with people across country borders.

Happy House Sitters 

Happy House Sitters is an Australian company that connects travellers with house-sits that are available. It’s a much newer site than our other suggestions and the majority of their listings are across the Australasian continent but that’s not to say you can’t still find the perfect housesitting work exchange for room and board here.

So now you know 3 sites that allow you to find volunteer placements where you can housesit to not only save money, but also help a fellow traveler host out. Have a look on each site in a destination you plan to visit and see what comes up. You can even take advantage of the “anywhere” feature if you just want to travel and are less picky on the destination. Happy travels!

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