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Wonderful Ecolodges in the Woods

Retreating to the woods is an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The peacefulness of the surrounding nature can help alleviate stress and provide a rejuvenating getaway. There are many ecolodges throughout the world that not only focus on being environmentally friendly but are also located in the woods.

Also sometimes referred to as eco friendly hotels, these establishments use sustainable practices to ensure they are not harming the environment during their daily operations. For example, some ecolodges may use renewable energy sources, actively recycle, or use systems that conserve water. 

The following are two wonderful ecolodges that are located in the woods.

Trout Point Lodge, Nova Scotia Canada

credit: Trout Point Lodge

Located on the Canadian East Coast, Trout Point Lodge is one of the world’s top 10 ecolodges by USA today. This rustic yet luxurious five-story lodge in the woods features rooms, suites, and cottages that boast stunning river views. With a menu of made-from-scratch dishes and many fresh seafood options, the lodge offers divine dining and an extensive wine list.

Trout Point Lodge also offers activities such as guided stargazing, kayaking, fly-fishing, and a wood-fired riverside hot tub. The eco lodge has sustainable practices to protect the environment and uses 100% solar-powered energy, composts all its organic waste, and does not use aerosols. It also has received a 5 Green Key rating from the Green Key Global which recognizes hotels that exemplify the highest standards of environmental and social responsibilities throughout all areas of operation.

Trout Point Lodge is the ideal destination to escape the everyday demands of life and relax in the wilderness. 

Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge, Sweden

credit: Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

The Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge is known as being Sweden’s most primitive hotel and is located in a spruce forest just outside Skinnskatteberg. It offers a couple of different eco friendly accommodations during the summertime.

The Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge property has no electricity or showers therefore guests are provided with an authentic outdoor experience. There are barbeque areas for cooking and equipment can be borrowed from the kitchen storage. Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge has adventure excursions that include guided hikes, horseback riding, and even a survival course. Due to the rustic nature of the property, guests are advised to pack certain items to ensure ultimate comfort while visiting (packing lists are available on their website).

As an environmentally-friendly establishment, Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge uses sustainability practices such as compostable toilets, heating from wood-burning stoves, and a freshwater stream as their water source. Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge was awarded the Green Key award in 2014, which recognizes excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations within the tourism industry.

Would you ever consider staying at one of these wonderful ecolodges in the woods?

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