Why Urban Sustainability Is Important

Why Urban Sustainability Is Important

Sustainable travel and ecotourism usually focus on visiting nature, but what if you want to visit an urban area and travel sustainably? Many cities around the globe are thinking progressively about urban sustainability and how to infuse their city with cleaner options that will greatly reduce fossil fuel consumption and pollution. Keep reading for the ways that these green cities are using sustainable urban planning. 

Ways To Be More Sustainable During City Travel

Though they may not always be as obvious as their nature counterparts, there are ways to travel in a more sustainable way while visiting on a city trip. These include things like choosing your destination wisely. Ask yourself, is your intended destination suffering from mass tourism? Is there an  eco friendly city nearby or can you stay a bit closer to home?

Make sure to do your research on accommodations when it comes to urban sustainability. There are several international hotel brands that are located in cities that offer more sustainable accommodations. Use our Checklist To See If You’re Staying At A Sustainable Hotel before booking your next accommodations. 

Specifically, when it comes to green cities,walking and using public transport both help to save on emissions, and as an added bonus they are more budget friendly modes of transportation as well. 

When it comes to urban sustainability buying from locally owned businesses and dining spots helps to support the local economy. On city trips it’s also important to take advantage of the green spaces by going to a park, and this is also a great place to find out where the locals gather or about local events. 

Amazing Green Cities To Travel To

Cairo, Egypt

Egypt has a number of options for sustainable travelers looking for an eco friendly city. Cairo is a place rich in history and energy, and a true bustling metropolis that welcomes travelers with open arms. The city’s urban sustainability focuses on adapting to the changing times, and due to its location water is of major concern. 

How can you travel sustainably in Cairo? Use the city’s public transportation system, instead of hailing a cab, the system is extensive and you won’t have to deal with traffic. In terms of accommodations, you can stay at one of Cairo’s Green Star Certified Hotels. Don’t miss out on some of the local delicious street food while in this bustling city. 

Panama City, Panama

Maybe you don’t automatically think of Panama when you think of urban sustainability, but you should. This green city boasts biodiversity and an abundance of activities and places to visit, from beaches, to its urban centers. In 2019, Panama became the first country in Central America to ban plastic straws and bags, and is one of three countries to have achieved Carbon negative status. 

The city aims for at least 70 percent of its energy to come from sustainable sources. The urban hub in Panama City is a unique eco friendly city itself. If you’re looking for sustainable accommodation here check out the Tantalo Hotel, which features upcycled furniture, a green wall and harvested rainwater. Make sure to visit the Biomuseo which is a museum focused on Panama, its biodiversity and culture during your visit to this green city. 

A Few Other Green Cities To Consider

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

You are sure to have the trip of a lifetime no matter which of these amazing green cities you choose to visit. While conserving nature is incredibly important, urban sustainability is equally important. What are you waiting for? Head to an eco friendly city today!

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