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Why National Park Fees are Beneficial

National parks are usually large, untouched areas of land that are managed by country governments and local councils as tourist attractions. They are often looked after for the purpose of maintaining the environment for as long as possible. But where do they get the funding for this? If you hadn’t already noticed, national park fees are on the rise in many destinations and for good reason. The idea behind each national park admission cost, is to put money toward nature conservation and protecting the natural landscapes within each park for sustainability purposes.

Paying a national park admission was not always the norm. However over the years more and more national park fees have been implemented in order to raise money to put towards to general upkeep of running the parks. Whether it be money toward paying the park rangers, nature conservation of plant and wildlife protection or something else, all of these profits usually get put straight back into the park. 

So where exactly does this money go? Let’s take a look at some specific examples below:

Tourist management

Many national park admission costs go directly into managing tourism and utilising amenities that are helpful to visitors. This includes maintaining restrooms, trash cans, and the park rangers that help keep everyone safe during their visits. Without these features, some visitors may struggle to have a comfortable experience and less chance of them visiting again. 

Park maintenance

Some other national park fees go towards maintaining specific walking paths that allow visitors to walk through the park, without stepping on or damaging the plant life that calls the region home. This is extremely helpful when it comes to nature conservation and allows the flora and fauna to thrive without constant damage. Perhaps you’ll find wooden boardwalks that are raised above the ground, allowing plants to grow underneath, or maybe the park rangers have assigned a specific route that doesn’t interfere with plant growth at all.

Plant care

Another way national park fees can benefit the overall park environment is through some groundskeepers and landscapers who may need to come through and tidy up certain areas to prevent against foreign plant species or those that could be harmful to the native plants. This might include trimming back certain plants or removing invasive species altogether which can take up time and resources.

As a traveler, it may seem frustrating being told you must pay a national park admission in order to visit what is otherwise a public place. However, when you think about the eco-friendly benefits of doing so, it allows you to contribute to a greater cause along with all others who want the chance to enjoy the landscape. For a small fee paid by all the visitors who stop by, it adds up to be a substantial amount which all goes back into the general upkeep of the national parks that people know and love. 

So, next time you need to pay national park fees, remember the positives of how your small admission cost will help the park continue to thrive through its nature conservation. 

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