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Why Learning a Foreign Language for Travel is a Great Idea

When you visit a foreign country, you can’t always expect everyone to speak your native  language. Even knowing English is no guarantee that you will be able to communicate with the local people. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of learning a foreign language for travel. 

Learning language before traveling would help a deeper understanding of the culture or history of the destination because you can talk directly with locals. It leads to better learning experience on travel, which is one of the three pillars of sustainable travel.

it makes a big difference even if you only know some basic travel phrases in the local language.

4 amazing benefits of learning a language for travel 

Speak to local people 

Once you master a new language, you can talk to people living outside the tourist centers. So, you don’t need a tour guide or anyone else who talks for you to those people.  

People are more open-minded 

Outside the cities, hardly anyone speaks English – unless you are in an English-speaking country. Furthermore, you will find that the locals are much more open when you speak their language. If you try to use basic phrases in their language, they open their heart and feel more welcoming because you can tell them indirectly “we are trying to get to know your culture better” or “we are interested in your culture”.

You learn more about local culture 

Learning the local language in advance helps you to get a more in-depth understanding of  their culture or history because you can talk directly with locals, not through the guide who speaks your language. 

You become more tolerant 

Since you will also learn a lot about the way the locals think, you will be able to put  yourself in their shoes. You will definitely question your behavior and compare it with others. Quickly, you will realize that the ways of thinking you know may not always be the best ones. This will also make you more tolerant and open to strangers. 

How to learn a new language for travel 

Of course, it is challenging to learn a whole new language. But don’t worry, local people don’t judge you if you are not fluent in their language. To many of the inhabitants of a country, it is already worth a lot that you even make the effort to speak their language. As you may know, practice is still the best way to learn a new language

There are many ways to learn some basic vocabulary in a foreign language. Especially  your smartphone can help you. One of the most popular apps for learning a new language is Duolingo. The biggest advantage of this app is that you can use it completely free of  charge. We especially like the competitive nature of the app. This motivated us to do one more lesson to overtake our rival. 

Another way to learn some phrases in a foreign language is through movies. Many people  don’t realize how quickly they learn a new language when they watch movies in a foreign language. Of course, you are welcome to set subtitles, this helps even better learning. The advantage of this method is that you learn how to pronounce words and phrases at the same time. 

Learning a foreign language for travel is an exciting way to intensify your vacation  experience. For example, you can talk to people outside the tourist areas of the country.  Furthermore, your effort to acquire any knowledge of the foreign language will make you immediately likeable to the locals. Even if your pronunciation is bad. 

To learn a language you don’t know yet, you can turn to various learning apps like Duolingo, among others. Many have also managed to learn a new language thanks to foreign films with subtitles.

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