Ecotourism in Philippines

Why don’t you have
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If you plan to have a vacation in the Philippines, 7,107 islands surround the Pacific Ocean. All of which offer breathtaking scenery. This country is home to some of the world’s most fascinating natural and cultural attractions, such as the rice terraces, underground caverns, volcanic hot springs, and fabulous diving spots. The Philippines’ coastline is also some of the most pristine white and coral sand beaches in the world. With many beautiful spots of nature, ecotourism in the Philippines offers you a chance to admire the beauty without disturbing the area. 

About Ecotourism in The Philippines

As of 2021, there are over 240 protected areas in the Philippines, 94 of which are National Parks ready to be discovered in your next Philippine trip. With ecotourism, we empower local Philippine communities and the Filipino culture when traveling responsibly during your Philippine trip.

The preservation of the country’s natural attractions is an integral part of the local economy. It requires a huge amount of manpower and money to maintain. Green tourism also channels profits from the upper end of the chain directly to the local communities, creating a balance between economic prosperity and environmental protection. The Philippine government has enacted acts and laws to ensure that ecotourism is well promoted for.

In 2018, the Philippine government temporarily closed Boracay for 2 years to rehabilitate and redevelop the island. In 2008, Filipino locals and the Mayor from Southern Leyte, Philippines- enacted the Coral Cay Conservation Program- where tourists and locals can learn about coral reef ecology and where volunteers could plant coral reefs. Also, a law enacted by President Marcos under Presidential Decree No. 1153 states: “Every month Filipino citizens at least 10 years of age must plant one tree per month for every 5 consecutive years.” This law is carried by Filipino students as a requirement to complete every school year.

Philippines Ecotourism Initiatives

This magnificent Southeast Asian country has many eco-friendly destinations for travelers. A sustainable Philippine vacation promotes the conservation of wildlife and the local environment.

Another example is Mount Apo Natural Park. This park is a haven for numerous wildlife species and features over 600 species of animals including the Philippine Eagle and the Philippine Deer. Almost 50% of Mount Apo Natural Park is converted to promote agricultural production.

There are over 20 organizing communities implementing agroforestry. Among them is the PNOC Geothermal Project, a social forestry program in Mount Apo with objectives to enhance social, economic, and environmental conditions by promoting geothermal lands and planting trees. The PNOC Geothermal Project and the Kidapawan Tourism Council offer travelers tree planting. When travelers visit the national park, they can plant the tree as an entry/registration fee.

Unique Ecotours in The Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, there are so many diverse and unique eco-tours to choose from during your Philippine vacation. 

If you’re curious about Filipino culture and agriculture, you should travel to the Philippines to see the Banaue Rice Terraces in Batad, Ifugao. This ancient village was declared as one of the five sites of its kind in 1995. In the small village of Batad, travelers can stay in one of the huts, live like a native Filipino, learn how to cook Filipino local food and study the culture and history of Batad. Also, this 2000-year-old rice terrace, hand-carved by farmers as part of an ancient practice. With this visit, you can contribute to the local community of Batad, as well as real learning experience of their culture.

In every unique ecotour participation in your Philippine trip, you get to put a smile on the local’s faces by contributing to the conservation of the environment, society, and economy. You will also enjoy savory food, the variety of eco-friendly destinations, and the hospitality of the Filipinos, which will contribute to a whole new experience. By the end of your Philippine vacation, there is no doubt that the country’s slogan will forever be imprinted in your mind because: “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

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