Why Don’t We Visit Jungle?

In your travels, have you been to the jungle? Jungle has an atmosphere where you don’t know what will happen. It is the atmosphere of a space where humans are a disturbance. It’s not just a forest, it’s a denser atmosphere teaming with life where everything seems to be concentrated. Steamy air, filled with the voices and sounds of various animals. A chaotic space filled with life. Why not visit such a jungle while taking an eco-tour?

The jungle is more than just a forest. Due to the existence of various vegetation, various creatures often inhabit, so it would be easier to understand a dense forest if you imagine a tropical rainforest.

Strictly speaking, there are some differences between the jungle and the rainforest. The rainforest is used as “tropical rainforest” in terms of plant ecology, and it is located in a tropical region near the warm equator throughout the year, with an annual precipitation level of 2000 mm or more. The jungle refers to a “dense forest” where trees and plants are particularly dense. These two terms are used in much the same way, but they are used in a broader sense because the term “jungle” covers a broader type of forest than rainforest.

Charm of Jungle

The attraction of the jungle is that one is able to feel the palpable natural energy.

With the epitome of the earth and the feeling of being in the natural world, travellers may feel the sensation of stepping into the world of flora and fauna, which is completely opposite to life in normal human society. One may also feel like they have traveled back in time to a part of the globe which hasn’t changed a bit since ancient times.

In particular, when feeling the space in your body, one feels “alive” when fully stimulated by the five senses. In much the same ways such as the warm air of the rainforest, the chirping or squawking of birds and monkeys, and the sound of plants swaying in the wind. It is in this way that things can be felt more realistically.

There are certainly animals and plants in the nearby forests and mountains, but they have a completely different charm which is unique to the jungle. It’s a story of experience, so it can’t be known if it isn’t visited. For this reason it is recommended to stay for a longer time if possible, rather than just a few hours.

Pointers for when visiting the jungle

Below are some tips for enjoying the jungle safely and to the fullest.

Go with a local ranger

This is a must. Visit with a ranger who is familiar with the area. It goes without saying that it is essential for safety, but besides that, knowing where one can see rare animals and plants that one can never find oneself, it will greatly increase the possibility of having a special experience, and along the way It will teach various things such as areas, countries, animals and plants, ecosystems, etc. So it will be a great learning experience and one’s interest in nature will increase steadily. In Costa Rica and elsewhere, there are some protected areas where entry with a ranger is the only possibility.

Participate in an eco tour 

Although it is related to #1, participate in the eco-tour of a local eco-tour company, especially a tour company which has acquired the ecotourism certification, and go with a local ranger. Eco-tours often include experiences that one is unable to do alone. For example, travellers can visit local communities located in or around the jungle to find out what it means to live in those areas. In addition, eco-tours are designed to return profits to the local communities and allow participants to learn from their experiences, as opposed to just sightseeing. 

Stay in the city nearby the entrance of the jungle

If you’re visiting the jungle, stay a few nights in the city closest to the area. Observe how the locals who live with the jungle. In order for the locals to live in sustainable harmony with the jungle, don’t go to large tourist shops or restaurants, but rather buy souvenirs at the small local shop or eat local food at a local restaurant. There may also be possibilities of a  lodge where travellers can stay in the jungle, so that’s always a good experience to stay if possible. Staying at a lodge located in a national park with proximity to a jungle is also a good option, as unlike staying in the city, one can feel the nature much closer.

Where can we find a jungle?

The rainforest-type of jungle that one may first imagine is in the tropical area near the equator. The Amazon rainforest is world-famous, but it might be quite a hurdle for beginners. For beginners, we recommend national parks and nature reserves that include tropical rain forests such as Borneo Island and Taman Negara National Park in mainland Malaysia, or Daintree National Park in Cairns, Australia, which is easily accessible.

In Latin America, as a unique jungle experience, it is recommended to visit the Monteverde Nature Reserve in Costa Rica, which is a rainforest in the clouds. Since it is located at a high altitude, the temperature is not so high and there are plenty of eco-tours available. Same in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio National Park offers both sea and forest visits. You can also find accommodation in this national park. 

We hope this article helps to get to have an interest in visiting jungle especially for people who have never been. Even if you think that the jungle is a dangerous or scary place, it would be great if you start thinking “Hmm, It could be a place where we can have a valuable experience”. Why don’t you take an eco-tour and explore the jungle where you can experience nature which stimulates all of your 5 senses?

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