Where are the Best Sustainable Road Trips Destinations?

Where are the Best Sustainable
Road Trips Destinations?

Whenever you travel abroad for a vacation, you step into a whole new world—so, of course, you’ll want to explore it. For many people, the best way to do that is a road trip. With a car, you get to savor your destination’s natural scenery and unique architecture and head to any spot that catches your interest.

There is a downside, however: the fact that your car road trips are destroying the very environment you’re wandering in. According to Lewis & Clark Law School, car emissions are a major source of pollution. Whenever you use a gallon of gas, it means your car has dumped about 24 pounds of greenhouse gasses in its surroundings. Many eco-tourists believe that their enjoyment is not worth that price.

Fortunately, car road trips don’t need to be inherently toxic—you just have to pick the right car to use. For example, one of the sustainable road trip tips is to use an electric car or solar car. Around the world, you have many options to do just that and make your road trip sustainable. Here are the best sustainable road trip destinations to consider.

Oahu, US

Hawaii is the quintessential vacation to paradise, and Oahu—home to the largest population in the Hawaiian islands—is the perfect island to have a road trip in and experience the best of the state. For that, you’ll need a vehicle. Fortunately, in this island idyll, you won’t have to worry about gas emissions. Hawaii is one of the top 5 states with the most electric vehicles (EVs), which run on rechargeable batteries to power their motors. They’re a great way to get to the historic Iolani Palace or the stunning coast-side Diamond Head State Monument‬ without harming the environment.

These sustainable cars are easy to get, too—you can book car rentals at Honolulu Airport beforehand to find the best rates and pick up the vehicle as soon as you enter Oahu. You only need to depart your plane with a valid driver’s license and head to the airport’s car rental counter. Once you get your car, you can drive to the riveting Polynesian Cultural Center, participate in a Luau, sunbathe on pristine beaches, and more without harming your surroundings.

Andalusia, Spain

If you want to discover the many fascinating aspects of European culture, look no further than a road trip in Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost autonomous community. On your journey, you’ll visit cities like Málaga—Picasso’s hometown and a destination that boasts both a variety of beautiful museums and a magnificent coastline—and Córdoba, which will immediately envelop you in the fragrance of its orange trees and invite you to wander its narrow, winding streets designed in Moorish style. Best of all, Andalusia has a sunny Mediterranean climate—great for a vacation and something you can take advantage of for your road trip.

Our previous Ecotourism article defined sustainable cars as those that do not solely run on fossil fuels. More and more car manufacturers are getting involved in creating new eco-friendly car models with the best green tech. Aside from EVs, you can also rent solar-powered vehicles for your Southern Spain trip. The eco-friendly Stella Vita even made its maiden trip there! These sun-charged vehicles run on energy collected by solar panels, making them perfect for sunny destinations such as Spain. You’ll be able to visit Toledo’s stately monuments without ever stopping for gas.

Newfoundland, Canada

One of the best aspects of this serene location that makes it perfect for a road trip is its natural beauty. Among other things, Newfoundland is home to the Cape Spear National Historic Site—the most easterly point in North America and the perfect spot to see the first awe-inspiring sunrise on the continent—and Brimstone Head, a breathtaking rocky outcrop which the Flat Earth Society claims is one of the four corners of the Earth.

Another great part of Newfoundland is the locals’ friendliness. A typical Newfoundland town has citizenry more than ready to smile and say hello to strangers and make any accommodations you might need. That’s why a great, eco-friendly way to tour the place is via ridesharing. With a carpooling app like Poparide, a local can help you get to your destination and share insider insights. Not only might carpooling help you learn the best places to find Newfoundland Cod Tongues—Earth Reminder notes that it helps you reduce your carbon footprint. It also saves fuel expenses and ultimately improves air quality, making it a great road trip option.

Different destinations have various options, but the bottom line is clear: road trips can be more sustainable. Check the sustainable road trip tips and consider the choices above for your next vacation.

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