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What are the Best National Parks
in the USA?

The national parks of the USA are definitely worth a visit. Definitely, you will even have problems deciding which park to visit. In total, the North American country has 63 national parks, which together cover an area of more than 20,000,000 hectares.

Many visitors trust other travelers because of the large number. For this reason, many tourists consider Zion and Yellowstone parks to be the best national parks in the USA. However, there are so many other parks worth visiting that can offer you a more authentic travel experience. Instead of crowds of tourists, you will encounter nature in its purest form. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 3 of these parks that many travelers overlook.

3 of the best national parks in the USA that hardly anyone visits

North Cascades National Park

This wonderful national park is located in the north of Washington state, near the Canadian border. The national park covers an area of over 200,000 hectares and is located in the middle of the high mountains of the North Cascades, which give the park its name. The entrance is located on State Route 20, just three hours away from Seattle.

Due to the park’s high elevation, it has remained largely untouched. In 2018, the number of visitors was just 30,000, so you see, compared to other parks, it attracts comparatively few tourists. But thanks to its delightful scenery, it’s still on our list of the best national parks in the US.

The low number of visitors also means that you’ll enjoy an intense nature experience. You’ll find over 1,500 different plants in North Cascades National Park. In addition, there are many animals, including several hundred species of birds and predators such as cougars, wolves and hawks.

For more information, browse through the North Cascade Nation Park’s website:

Kenai Fjords National Park

This fantastic park is located in the southern part of Alaska, more precisely on the Kenai Peninsula. You’re probably wondering what it is about this national park that impresses us so much? Well, the main reason is that the Harding Icefield is located there. This is the largest ice field in the US, with an area of 77,700 hectares.

Kenai Fjords National Park is especially famous for Mount Kenai, which gives the park its name. In addition, there are several glaciers that extend into the Northern Pacific Ocean. As you can probably guess, the park is accordingly covered by ice over a large area. However, the glaciers are retreating more and more.

Although it may seem that it is difficult to access for tourists at first, this park welcomes visitors all year around. Only in the winter months you have to expect some restrictions since the access for vehicles is prohibited during this season.

Of course, you can also discover some native animals here. These include grizzly bears, black bears and moose. On the coast you can even meet various marine mammals such as whales and dolphins. There’s a reason we consider it one of the best national parks in the US.

You should also check out Kenai Fjords National Park’s website: – there you’ll find much more information.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Located in the US state of Colorado, this national park is about 230 km south of Denver. You’ll reach it at the north end of Colorado State Highway 150. As the name probably already tells you, it is mostly known for its huge sand dunes.

These impressive sand dunes can be found mainly in the northeastern part of the San Luis Valley, which stretches between the Sangre de Cristo Range and the San Juan Mountains. With a height of about 230 meters, they are even among the highest of their kind on the North American continent.

Do you need further information? Just check out Great Sand Dunes Nation Park’s website:

Now you know 3 of the best national parks in the USA. All of them are comparatively less frequented and offer you the opportunity to experience Mother Nature up close. A trip to these wonderful places you will certainly not regret.

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