Wellness Tourism and Vacations that Improve Wellbeing
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Wellness Tourism and Vacations
that Improve Wellbeing

There are particular types of trips that benefit the traveler more than many others, and they are the ever popular healthy vacations that people like to take. Known as a type of wellness tourism, simply put, they are relaxing holidays that allow you to rest up and recuperate before returning back to your normal everyday life. Europeans lead the way on taking the most wellness-related breaks in 2019 (more than 330 million!) and have held the crown over other continents since.

What’s great about wellness breaks is that they are closely aligned with sustainability practices. By creating relaxing environments mindful of self care and the care of the environment, travelers can help improve their own wellbeing while also having peace of mind that their trip is sustainable. Some examples of hotels focusing on health and wellness include those that source their food from local farmers, and offer eco-friendly walking trails to admire the local landscape without causing damage.  

What is wellness tourism?

According to the Wellness Global Institute, wellness tourism is the focus of traveling that improves your physical state and wellbeing. You could opt for a trip of spa treatments, detoxifying baths that cleanse your skin, yoga retreats that help improve your mobility, or just about anything else that helps improve your health. These healthy vacations are a growing trend as people aim to better themselves physically and mentally and are incorporating these healthy habits into their relaxing holidays. 

So now you understand what wellness tourism is, where can you take one of these healthy vacations yourself? Take a look at some options below: 

Arctic Baths Hotel – Swedish Lapland

The Arctic Baths Hotel is a hidden gem and spa retreat offering tranquil surroundings and relaxing activities. Due to its location, it is peacefully quiet here  meaning you can rest and rejuvenate while enjoying your healthy vacations in the Swedish Arctic. Here you can enjoy the dry saunas, a dip in the icy river, facials, massages and more. What else could you want on your relaxing holidays?

Six Senses – Ibiza, Belaeric Islands

The Six Senses Resort is perfect for those looking to improve their health to live a long life. Unlike other parts of Ibiza known for parties, this resort caters to those wanting to relax and unwind instead. Offering cryotherapy sessions exposing you to sub-zero temperatures, hyperbaric chambers that increase the amount of oxygen your body can take in and anything else that can help lengthen your time on this planet. When you choose to enjoy relaxing holidays here you will feel refreshed and ready to take on anything.

Blackberry Mountain – Tennessee, USA

The Blackberry Mountain Resort is a relaxation heaven for those looking for a peaceful retreat. Located near Smoky Mountain, this is the ideal resort for any and all healthy vacations. Here you’ll find demonstrations on improving wellbeing, master classes on physical health and even calming activities such as pottery making. You’ll get to experience a wide variety of things to do here.

Now you can see the various kinds of retreats that people are moving towards when they want to look after their health, and you can do the same. With more and more wellness tourism retreats being opened around the world, you’re never too far away from your own healthy vacations to experience. If you’re looking for the next best place to relax and look after number one, check out one of our options above or look for other highly recommended destinations focusing on wellness.

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