Visiting Palau with Ol’au Palau: The World’s First Ecotourism Rewards Program
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Visiting Palau with Ol’au Palau:
The World’s First
Ecotourism Rewards Program

Now, you can earn points for sustainable behavior to get a taste of more exclusive experiences when visiting Palau with the world’s first sustainable tourism rewards program! 

Ol’au Palau is an initiative taken by the citizens of Palau in their efforts to keep their extraordinary biodiverse land thriving for generations to come. 

The Pacific Ocean archipelago, Palau, is a highly sustainable and green destination and one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world! 

Famous for its incredible diving locations and abundant marine life, the locals highly rely on tourism. That’s why they have taken the initiative to reward travelers who visit their homes with the environment in mind. 

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Keep reading to discover what the Ol’au Palau program is all about.

What is Ol’au Palau? 

Ol’au Palau originates from a place of the utmost care for all the beautiful islands of Palau and its pristine sceneries. 

The concept is simple: The more you respect and care for the environment while visiting Palau, the more you will get rewarded. 

By taking actionable steps towards sustainability during your stay, you’ll unlock access to exclusive places and experiences that only used to be available to the local community. 

It allows you to explore Palau’s treasured natural and cultural wonders at a deeper level.

How does Ol’au Palau work? 

The program is set up as an app you can download to your smartphone. You’ll get rewarded for traveling sustainably by earning points every time you take another step towards preserving Palau’s fragile habitat. 

Examples of rewarded sustainably behavior include interacting with sustainable initiatives, accredited local businesses, and cultural customs, such as: 

● Signing the Palau Pledge upon arrival at the airport (to promise to act in a culturally and ecologically responsible way) 

● Wearing reef-safe sunscreen to avoid bleaching the coral reef 

● Tracking and offset your carbon footprint (using their calculator in the app)

● Visiting Palau’s culturally-significant tourist sites 

● Eating sustainably-sourced local food 

● Learning something new about the Palau cultural heritage 

Every time you tick off an item from their list in the app, you will unlock a badge that will give you access to a unique experience in Palau, such as diving and wildlife viewing. 

The benefits of Ol’au Palau for travelers 

Besides unlocking exclusive adventures, Ol’au Palau gives you something more valuable than money; it provides “the gift of care.” 

Traditionally known as “de kaukerreu,” you will help the local Palauans preserve their homes for generations to come, ensuring future children can enjoy this green destination’s natural wonders. 

You will support the country’s efforts in sustaining the remarkable biodiversity of the islands and maintaining its delicate environment. From preserving coastal ecosystems, underwater reefs,

and shark sanctuaries, you can also do a homestay with a local family to get even closer and personal with the Palauans while supporting their livelihoods. 

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When visiting Palau, it’s not what you spend but how you spend your time there. Be gentle and respectful during your stay, and the locals will welcome you as if you were their own. 

Take pride in knowing that you can contribute to conserving our beautiful planet. At the same time, you work your way up to unlock an ocean full of unique adventures at one of the most stunning ecotourism destinations in the world. Register here to be one of the first to download the app, get ready to arrive as a visitor, and leave the island as a friend!

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