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Visit Fiji for Ecotourism!

Are you a traveller that is getting tired of traveling to resorts? Ecotourism options in the islands are a great reason to visit Fiji!

Here are some sustainable ways to enjoy paradise in the South Pacific in Fiji.

Every day, it is easy to be swayed by crowded trains and busy jobs … In such instances, why not spend some time in a remote destination with a breathtaking view of the ocean? 

It’s  paradise in the South Pacific Fiji!

What images come to your mind when you hear the word ‘Fiji’? Tropical country? Beach? island?

The Republic of Fiji is an island nation in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Republic of Fiji is a nation consisting of the Fiji Islands, which belong to the same Oceanic area as Australia and New Zealand. The total land mass of ​​all the islands combined is approximately 18,274 ㎢. It is an island nation consisting of two large islands, Viti Levu Island (meaning big island) and Vanua Levu Island (meaning long island), with 330 islands in total.

Ecotourism in Fiji

Fiji is a tourist destination without a doubt, and Nadi, which has an international airport, has an area called Denarau, which is lined with luxury resorts. Furthermore, there are not a few cases in which entire islands are turned into a resorts and many tourists can be seen. Throughout the year, many tourists from Australia and New Zealand visit Fiji and enjoy their stay by engaging in marine activities and staying at nice accomodation.

While the rich natural environment that is attracting the attention of tourists all over the world, urban areas such as the capital are experiencing rapid economic development. This rapid development is resulting in increasingly serious environmental and rubbish problems. Tourism is a key industry in Fiji.  Creating a sustainable business requires initiatives such as establishing a recycling system and other sustainable ways for coping with the waste generated at resorts. Other initiatives, such as planting mangrove trees, show that the developing tourism takes into account the surrounding natural environment as much as possible and is working to not only preserve the surrounding natural environment, but to contribute to its improvement. 

The country is also seriously addressing environmental issues, and in January 2020, the use of disposable plastic bags was completely banned. Fiji is putting strong beginning effort into ecotourism as well as environmental protection through tourism. These initiatives will show initially via a return of profit to local communities and as programmes which facilitate environmental learning for travelers who visit Fiji.

Is Fiji suitable only for those interested in maritime schools? Suitable only for mountain trekking groups? No. The charm of Fiji is that the traveller has the possibility to enjoy both of these activities, and many more.

What kind of sustainable tours can be enjoyed in Fiji?

Enjoy the great outdoors at Sigatoka Sand Dunes.

Fiji has many islands and of course a plethora of beaches with beautiful ocean views. The resort style of relaxing on the beach is nice.  The Coral Coast is the recommended area. It is about an hour’s drive from Nadi, where the main airport is located. In this area, which is along the beautiful coastline, there is a Sigatoka Sand Dunes which has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the only deserted area in Fiji and has walking trails through the desert. The contrasting atmosphere between the tropical plants and the desert is amazing. Beyond the hills, the beautiful Coral Coast spreads out in a sprawling fashion creating a scenic feast for the travellers eyes. If one wishes, it is possible to have a guide. Touring with a local guide is always a great way to learn about the local nature, culture and history. Local guides are a valuable resource and an effective encyclopedia of local knowledge.

Diving is also a recommended activity in Fiji, for those interested. The possibility for viewing large sea animals such as manta rays, sunken ship diving and night dives for an unforgettable nocturnal sea exploration are all available to the traveler.  One may encounter a scenery not seen before when visiting Fiji.

Other tours include swimming in the hot springs and mud pool, as well as snorkeling tours.

When swimming in the sea, use a coral-friendly sunscreen.

For the mountain lovers! Visit rural areas and interact with locals.

Traditional living still takes root in the villages of Fiji. Making baskets from banana leaves and taking fresh coconuts is a lifestyle which carries a certain wisdom of the people of the Pacific. In these areas there is a sustainable way of living without relying on plastic products. Travellers interested in experiencing such a local lifestyle, may want to take a day trip for a rural tour. One example is a full-day tour of Navarra Village will include traditional ceremonies, interact with locals, and share legends from the ancient times. The friendly Fijians will surely welcome you with a smile!

There are many exciting excursions such as trekking tours and cave exploration in the rainforest that are perfect for nature lovers during a visit to Fiji.

Whenever travellers find themselves participating in local tours, it is advisable to please select a tour company which operates eco-tours that return profits back to the local communities as well as supports environmental protection efforts.

The charm of a visit to Fiji is not limited to beach resorts!

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