Visit A Wind Farm To Learn More About Wind Power

Visit a Wind Farm
to Learn More about Wind Power

Maybe you’ve heard a little about wind energy as it’s becoming a more popular way to live sustainably. Did you know that wind power is one of the most efficient ways to produce energy in a completely environmentally friendly way. That’s right, wind power has zero emissions as well as being both local and an inexhaustible resource. If you’re looking to travel more sustainably through wind power, keep reading. 

With Ecotourism on the rise over the last few decades and studies showing that it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry, it’s clear people are more interested in sustainable travel than ever before. Renewable energies such as wind power have grown right along with it. If you want to learn a bit about renewable energy travel read Why You Should Stay At Resorts That Use Solar Energy. Wind energy is beginning to catch on but is still relatively new in terms of tourism. The best way to appreciate the harnessed power of the wind is through an eco tour. 

Visit A Wind Farm On An Eco Tour

There are many different eco tours around the world that allow you to experience wind turbine farms. The slow moving and magnanimous wind turbines have become a symbol of sustainable development, but it may surprise you to find out that wind farms are becoming tourist destinations. Tours of these wind farms typically take travelers to a field of turbines and explain more about wind energy. Here are a few examples: 

Palm Springs Windmills, California, USA

You might recognize the Palm Springs Windmills from the helicopter chase in the movie Mission Impossible III starring Tom Cruise. The Palm Springs windmills are an increasingly popular alternative source of energy and have become a tourist destination. These turbine generators are a type of windmill that produces electricity by harnessing the wind power.

Bangui Windmill Farm, Philippines

Known as the first wind farm in Southeast Asia, Ilocos Norte’s beautiful Bangui Windmill Farm is a can’t miss destination. With 26 turbines and counting, the Ilocos Region’s first and largest wind energy provider is a stunning sight. The wind farm started in 1996, and each windmill stands in the hilly area 80m tall lines up across 9km of the black sand beach on the Bangui Bay shore. These windmills generate roughly 40% of Ilocos Norte’s electricity needs, how amazing is that?

Whitelee Wind Farm, Scotland

The Whitelee Wind Farm is a huge tourist destination in the beautiful Scottish countryside. Not only does Whitelee have a Visitor Center, Exploration Hub, and a cafe, but travelers can take a guided tour or bus tour of the wind farm. To learn more about wind energy you can take a spin on one of the brand-new electric buses to get up close to the turbines. But if you want to explore the wind farm and learn more about the turbines and wind power, then join one of the guided tours. 

Wind farm tours are important in helping to educate the public and travelers about the importance of wind power and sustainable travel. When it comes to renewable energy resources it is one of the best and easiest to harness. What are you waiting for? Check out a wind farm near you today! 

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