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But what exactly is upcycling? In short, upcycling describes the process of making something new out of old things and thus conserving the environment and resources. So, it means making new products, upcycled products.

But how can I also implement this when travelling? In the next section you will learn how eco-friendly hotels are applying upcycling and how they protect our environment while being a perfect place to travel. Because with upcycling, we can improve our sustainable lifestyle.

What is so good about a sustainable travel lifestyle?

The eco-friendly hotels are of the opinion that this way something good is done for the environment and sustainable jobs can be secured for locals. Upcycling eco-friendly hotels support the circular economy and do not support the rapid consumption of resources. Hoteliers say it is about exceeding guests’ expectations and introducing them to the topic of upcycling in such a way that the climate-friendly standard should apply everywhere.

The rooms are decorated in a stimulating way and provide plenty of inspiration to apply upcycling in our own four walls. You can also find many ideas for upcycling products on the internet. Hoteliers who follow the upcycling principle complain that our society throws away new things far too quickly. It is a great idea to get new inspiration and ideas while travelling, which can also be implemented at home to get away from the throwaway society.

Decorative ideas for hotel rooms

Photo: Etsy

Many eco-friendly hotels have started to produce decorations, or even utensils with the principle of upcycling products. For example, a flowerpot is made from an old glass bottle, or an old drinks crate is converted into a stool. The ideas of the upcycled glass bottles came from the company Lemon-Aid. They founded a eco-friendly hotel and called it “The Upcycling Hotel“.

For the rooms, old items are refurbished, repaired, rebuilt, and given a new coat of paint to provide a high level of comfort. Everything was made with upcycled products. Sometimes the upcycled product is so sophisticated that you do not even recognise what it used to be.Old bottles become new lamps and jam jars are melted into windowpanes. An old cable drum serves as a desk and an old wooden sledge is used as a towel rack in the bathroom. There are no limits to the ideas of upcycling products.

In Germany, there is an eco-friendly hotel chain called “alles paletti – Karls Upcycling Hotel“, which has implemented many upcycling products decoratively and has placed a lot of emphasis on furnishing with lots of natural products. Since it would, of course, make no sense to buy the objects new and then only repurpose them decoratively, old objects are collected over a long period of time from various places.

Before and after the holiday

But there are also upcycling tips for a sustainable lifestyle at home before or after a trip to an eco-friendly hotel. Old plastic straws can be used to make storage bags for shampoo and conditioner. Old travel suitcases can be turned into new picnic cases, small tables, wine cabinets, or be placed in the home simply as a decorative piece if it is an old, rustic case.

Upcycling products is a trend that is full of surprises and in which you can lose yourself creatively.
Eco-friendly hotels, Airbnbs and holiday homes can benefit from this. The trend really goes down well with anyone who wants to do something good for the climate and conserve resources when travelling.

Small eco-friendly hotels, or holiday accommodations with upcycling and environmentally conscious ideas should be supported, so that in the course of time larger companies will also join in.

If you want to travel more sustainably next time and you like the ideas of upcycling, you can find many offers on the internet under “Upcycling Hotels”. Together we can make the earth a little greener again and can strengthen our awareness for a more sustainable living.

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