Unique Ecotours that You Can Only Experience in Australia
Ecotour,  Oceania

Unique Ecotours
that You Can Only Experience
in Australia

Australia has long been known as a top tourism destination for keen travelers and wanderers. However, as more people become conscious of the environmental impact of travel, the ‘Lucky Country’ has established itself as a leader for ecotours, and only looks to continue its commitment to green tours and sustainable practice in the future. 

In particular, the practice of ‘edu-tourism’ has been a focus of the government regarding sustainable tours in Australia. By educating and informing travelers and locals, the pristine beauty of Australia’s unique biospheres can be as protected as they are appreciated.

Ecotours in Australia

Ecotourism Australia describes ecotourism as ‘ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.’ 

Australia’s unique environment and climate mean that it is one of the most biodiverse nations on Earth. Around 93 percent of Australia’s reptile, amphibian, and plant life is endemic; with rare flowering plants, sprawling deserts, and beautiful marine parks, travelers are guaranteed a unique experience during their eco-tours adventure. 

Home to some of the most beautiful untouched wilderness in the world, ecotours are fast becoming the greatest way to embrace Australia while preserving the environment for future generations. No matter your personal preference, there are eco-tourism activities to suit every taste and budget. 

Sustainable tours are one of the best ways to get involved with the culture and natural beauty of the great Down Under. Here are three of the best green tours in Australia for you to get involved with during your visit. 

Tall-ship sailing in the Whitsundays

Located in far north Queensland, the Whitsundays is one of the most breathtaking coastal locations Australia offers and is home to plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth. Six out of the world’s seven turtle species can be found in these picturesque inlets, and birds of prey like osprey, black-bellied hawks, and brahminy kites soar high above the turquoise water.

Take a step back in time and sail through the Whitsundays on a classic clipper ship with Australian Tall Ships Sailing. This silver-certified ecotourism company gives guests the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Australia’s natural beauty while learning about traditional sailing techniques used by European settlers.

Australian Tall Ships Sailing is a proud partner of the Whitsundays Reef Education Program, and is an Ecotourism Australia Green Leader for sustainable tours. However, the far north of Australia is prone to tropical cyclones between May and October, so make sure to visit outside these months for the best experience. 

Witness the jumping crocodiles in Darwin

Prized and hunted by the fashion industry for their uniquely patterned skin, Australia’s crocodile population was decimated almost to the point of extinction until the mid-20th century. In 1971, they were granted protected conservation status, and slowly but surely returned to their pre-First Fleet levels in the Adelaide River. 

Located 40 minutes out of Darwin, Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises gives travellers the chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Knowledgeable guides talk you through the history of the area and the background of some of the regular crocs as they feed them. You can witness firsthand the size and power of this protected species during this green tour, as they jump up to eight feet out of the water!

Ecotourism Australia-certified, Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruises operate all year-round, and are a fantastic way to learn more about Australia’s delicate ecosystem. While you can see these creatures any time, it’s important to note that Darwin is incredibly hot and humid between October and March – make sure you’re prepared for the heat!

Take a camel ride in Alice Springs

One thing that many people don’t realize about Australia is that it has the largest wild camel population in the world! First introduced from the Canary Islands in 1840, there are over one million camels living across Central Australia and the Victoria River District.

Made popular by Broome’s Cable Beach, camel rides are one of Australia’s most unique ecotours for travellers. Pyndan Camel Tracks is a self-sustaining farm that focuses on the part that these beautiful animals play in the ecosystem and allows visitors to appreciate the natural beauty of the Australian outback. 

Created to leave minimal impact on the environment, these camel rides showcase Australia’s native flora and fauna, and connect travelers to the land as they move through it. Camel wool from this eco-tours adventure company is donated to local Aboriginal artists, and the manure is sold to support sustainable tourism for the future. 

Pyndan Camel Tracks is Green Leader Certified by Ecotourism Australia and operates all year round for those interested in sustainable tours of Australia’s great Red Centre. 

Consider an ecotour in Australia!

These are just three unique ecotours available to travelers looking to explore Australia. If you want to learn more about the beautiful country, why not add one of these green tours to your itinerary? Fun, educational, and above all sustainable, these tours are perfect for immersing yourself in Australia’s culture while contributing to environmental well-being. 

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