Unique Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica
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Unique Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the best countries to visit if you are into green outdoor spaces and eco-friendly travel. In addition, it is a spot for nature lovers and those seeking adventure. The Unique airplane hotel hosted by Costa Verde is a perfect example of green outdoor spaces and ecotourism. 

As of 2015, Costa Rica produced 99% of its electricity using renewable resources and has continued to reach carbon neutrality goals each year. Many of these efforts aim to preserve the significant ecosystems in Costa Rica that more than 500,000 species call home. 

Costa Rica is located in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific and is full of rugged rainforests. It is best known for its biodiversity, beautiful beaches, and volcanoes. Almost a quarter of the country is protected land for wildlife in the region. Ecotourism is one of the main activities of the tourism industry in the country. Of all the unique ecotourist hotel locations in Costa Rica, Costa Verde offers a cool airplane stay located in the town of Quepos.

Costa Verde Hotel: Cockpit Cottage & 727 Fuselage

Cockpit Cabana Credit: Hotel Costa Verde

The Costa Verde Hotel is a unique hotel that is located only 9 minutes away from the beach in Quepos, Costa Rica. The closest major city to the hotel is San José which is accessible via air, bus, and car and is about a 3-hour drive away. Once you arrive at the hotel, you’ll be surprised by the unique accommodations of the airplane hotel! 

At both the Cockpit Cottage and 727 Fuselage options, you can experience an ocean view from your jungle aircraft hotel stay. These unusual places to stay boast beautiful settings and total privacy for a first-class stay. You might recognize the 727 Fuselage as it’s been featured in many TV shows and publications since it first opened. The 727 Fuselage is the larger hotel stay of the two as these unique hotels feature two air-conditioned bedrooms with queen-sized beds, private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and an ocean view terrace.


727 Fuselage Credit: Hotel Costa Verde

The Costa Verde Airplane Hotel goes above and beyond many other eco-resorts in the area regarding sustainability; the entire facility recycles, does not use pesticides, and uses sustainable business practices and methods. The focus of this hotel is turning abandoned things, like the 727 Fuselage and turning them into beautiful attractions for visitors. As one of the unique hotels in the area, Costa Verde takes the idea of recycling to an entirely new level! In addition to recycling, Costa Verde is planting 10,000 plants and trees every year to create a diverse ecosystem for wildlife.  

The eco-conscious efforts continue around the hotel’s grounds with energy-efficient lightbulbs, solar-power water heaters, wastewater reuse, rainwater collection, and more. The grounds also include 20 acres of forest protection. Costa Verde Airplane Hotel also assists with a beach clean-up program to keep the local environment pristine for locals and visitors. Most unique, the hotel makes most of its furniture and lighting fixtures from naturally downed trees in the region in their woodshop.

Some improvements could include planting a local garden to source hyper-local food, eliminating plastic products, and working more with the local community to reduce the effects of tourism on the natural ecosystem.

Cockpit Cabana Credit: Hotel Costa Verde

Costa Verde is an eco-travelers dream with the sheer amount of sustainability efforts on site. So make sure you put this one of the unusual places to stay on your must-visit list. Between the 727 Fuselage and the Cockpit Cottage, you are definitely in for an adventure at this unique airplane hotel in Costa Rica.

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