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Unique Accommodations with Nature Design

Architectural design has come a very long way over the years. Today we would like to introduce some amazing nature designs that have been planned and constructed in a way that offers unique accommodation for the world to enjoy!

What is Biomimicry in sustainable architecture and design?

According to the International Journal of Architecture (vol.4 no.1 March 2015) Biomimicry is defined as “the imitation or taking inspiration from nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems to solve human problems”. In brief, biomimicry is using nature as a model for design. When this nature derived design is utilised for creating unique accommodations, the results can be breathtaking in their simplicity. 

There are 3 forms of biomimicry / nature design which can be utilised in unique accommodations:

  • Natural form inspired design  – Utilising nature design for the outward appearance
  • Natural processes inspired design – Taking the example from the inner workings ie; biological process for ideas on example, innovative ways of natural heating/cooling
  • Natural ecosystem inspired design – tries to ‘imitate and apply the activities that take place in the natural world.’

Notable nature designs

Seed pods

Originally installed at the Bel Ombre Nature Reserve, Mauritius in 2019, the Seed Pod is a unique way to submerge oneself in nature and a natural feel. These seed pods can be suspended from the trees or also have the possibility of coming with a tripod for self-suspension. The interior of the seed pod, though cozy, is multi-functional. During the day it serves as a large seating area with a table which can transform into a large sleeping area for the night. Solar power options can be installed to power the charging stations. Pop-up wash room facilities are also possible. 

One very unique aspect about the seed pod is the membrane fabric which Nomadic Resorts is looking into for the future. As the Covid-19 pandemic occurred simultaneously to the release of the seed pod, the architects of this model have found an anti-viral fabric by the name of ‘Agivir’ which is cited to ‘kill 95% of virus within 15 minutes’. Thus morphing this unique accommodation option into a highly sought-after outdoor option for many who are searching for a safe way to social distance. It has been rumored that these seed pods will be made available for individual sale to the consumer. 

Moon house

Located in Bali, Indonesia, the Ibuku Moon House is an open, fully wood-constructed nature design located in proximity to the permaculture gardens of Bambu Indah. The crescent shaped structure in this unique accommodation is open to nature on two sides, with the beautifully curved overhead structure providing shade and protection from the elements while still allowing guests to feel as if they are camped underneath an open sky with an all access pass to the surrounding nature. This makes perfect sense, as one of Inuku’s stated goals is to create a space where guests can “live in an authentic relationship with nature”. Constructed from sustainable bamboo wood named ‘Petung’ which grows only in certain areas and is sourced from small local farms in the surrounding area.

Cocoon pods

 © Florian Schneider

The Looper tent is a luxury level of biomimicry unique accommodation which mimics the design of a caterpillars’ cocoon. The nature design is based on the cocoons found in nature. The interior of the cocoon walls have an appearance which is reminiscent of a cross between a hand crafted sail and hand stitched leather. The membrane fabric is recycled and long-lasting. The interior design is next-level luxury which can include solar hot water and rainwater collection systems.

The Looper tent is made to last a variety of weather conditions (as shown in the photo) and are placed in a variety of locations. One location which has an entire resort area of Looper tents available for booking is in Yala Sri Lanka.The tented lodge area stands adjacent to Yala National Park. 

© Marc Hernandez Folguera

All of the unique accommodations listed here come from companies which keep a sharp focus on sustainability and have stated goals of connecting people with nature. These unique accommodations are either built using sustainable or recycled materials and contribute to the local communities in the location of the resorts. Solar options are available and utilised as are rainwater collection facilities. 

How is staying in biomimicry accommodation sustainable?

Staying in one of these unique accommodations with nature design may make ones imagination wonder. Can we really relate to how it feels for natural life to reside in their natural equivalent of these accommodations?

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