Travel Tips For Traveling More Sustainably

Travel Tips For Traveling More Sustainably

Tourism is at a crossroads, and it faces the challenge of balancing growth with sustainability. We all want to travel more sustainably, but it’s easy to forget sustainability when you are in the middle of an amazing trip. Sustainable tourism is all about achieving a balance between environmental impact, economic growth, and human well-being. It focuses on reducing tourism’s negative impacts and on maximizing its benefits for communities, cultures, ecosystems, and the planet. Keep reading for our travel tips for traveling more sustainably. 

Top 5 Travel Tips For Sustainable Tourism

Here are our best travel tips and a few ways you can make better sustainable travel choices in the future…

1. Use Efficient and Eco Friendly Modes Of Transportation

Air travel, driving, and other forms of transportation comprise the largest part of tourism’s carbon footprint. Though all modes of transportation require energy, some are more efficient and cleaner than others. How you get to/from and around your destination makes a difference. 

When traveling to closer destinations, travel by train or coach to cut your emissions while soaking in the scenery. Once you’re at your destination, consider traveling by rail, taking the bus, or cycling around town instead of renting a car. If you do rent a car, opt for an electric, hybrid, or smaller model if possible.

Check out Eco-Friendly Travel Technology for Transportation and How To Fly Green for more information on eco friendly travel. 

2. Find Places Off The Beaten Path 

Our second best travel tip, as a sustainable traveler, you can help prevent a resurgence of overtourism by skipping tourist traps and finding places off the beaten path. While it may be tempting to go to the same bucket list destinations that everyone else is Instagramming, it can be more rewarding to explore less traversed places. 

Honestly, many tourist hotspots don’t live up to their expectations, and you’ll have to spend hours standing in line only to discover that the destination doesn’t look the same in person as it did online. 

3. Help To Conserve Water and Energy 

You may not do it intentionally, but travelers often consume significantly more water and energy than local residents. When you’re traveling it’s important to do what you can to conserve local water and energy resources. 

Simple things like turning off the lights, TV, and any electronics when they are not in use can make a difference. A few more travel tips: take a shower instead of a bath and keep it as short as possible. You can also reduce your environmental footprint by staying in eco-friendly accommodation

4. Respect Local Communities

One of the incredible aspects of travel is that it offers a glimpse into other ways of life. Seize this opportunity to expand your horizons by embracing the differences and soaking up the local culture sustainably. 

Some great travel tips for respecting local cultures include being mindful when visiting religious or spiritual sites. You’ll find that at some sites this may mean taking off your shoes, covering your shoulders, or not taking photos. Remember that the destination you are visiting is someone else’s home. Do your best to leave places as you found them so that future generations of travelers can enjoy them. 

5. Visit Parks and Protected Areas

National parks, marine sanctuaries, and other protected areas play an important role in protecting our planet’s natural resources, biodiversity, and eco conscious travel. Many countries rely on tourism such as entrance fees, operator permits, or bed levies to preserve these special places and animals. 

Every year, over 8 billion people visit the world’s protected areas, generating about $850 billion in profit. These dollars help fund the conservation activities necessary to protect these areas while also providing income to local communities. 

Our best travel tip, look into traveling to protected areas in your destination. When visiting any natural area, be sure to minimize your impact by acting in an eco-responsible manner. Avoid degrading sensitive environments or disturbing wildlife, follow the Leave No Trace Principles, and comply with all visitor guidelines. 

Although we may forget about sustainability when in the throws of travel excitement, these easy travel tips will help you to travel more sustainably! What are you waiting for? Get out and explore sustainably!


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