Traditional Crafts & the Eco Tours Helping Preserve Them
Cultural Experience

Traditional Crafts & the Eco Tours
Helping Preserve Them

Every part of the world has heritage and culture. Each ethnic group has various types of traditional crafts that provide an insight into their history. You can learn a lot about a community based on the artisan craft they still practice today after generations of being passed down. However not all of the local crafts are still carried out in the same capacity as they once were. This means that many cultures are slowly losing their heritage due to new generations not continuing on the legacies which seems to be a problem in many cultures. 

One way this is being tackled to help maintain the rich histories of each heritage and community is through eco-tours that present the local crafts to the world. Tourists, visitors and just about anyone that’s curious about traditional crafts can take part in learning about them. Just about any destination you can think of will provide an opportunity to see an artisan craft being demonstrated by those who do it best. Plus, any money that gets spent on local crafts or their experience tours, goes back into the local economy and helps preserve them.

So how can tourists take part in experiences like these? 

Barkcloth making

In Uganda there is an old tradition where clothing and materials are made from the inner bark of ficus, elm and mulberry trees. Barkcloth (added to the UNESCO heritage list in 2008) is one of the traditional crafts created by the Baganda people that reside in southern Uganda . To keep this experience from being forgotten about, this artisan craft is often included in safaris and tours of the Ugandan region. You can participate here.

Ceramic arts

In Uzbekistan, the most recognisable local crafts are the arts associated with creating ceramics. A UNESCO heritage addition since 2023, this artisan craft has been a part of Uzbekistan’s heritage since the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest art forms within the nation. To share these traditional crafts with the world there are plenty of tours prepared for tourists. You can book a 9 day ceramic tour here.

Konjic woodcarving

In Bosnia and Herzegovina the UNESCO heritage art of woodcarving has put the small town of Konjic on the map. It’s one of the most intricate traditional crafts that takes extreme skill and patience and it’s been practiced in the area for over 150 years. In order to preserve this artisan craft and the history it stands for, the town of Konjic has a museum showcasing the stunning carvings for tourists to see. 

These are just 3 examples of traditional crafts that are still practiced in the modern day. However many of these local crafts are not carried out as much as they used to be. Many artistic traditional crafts are not passed down as frequently to younger generations which creates a ripple effect of each artisan craft slowly dying out. Next time you travel, see what local crafts you can find in your destination and go check it out. You’ll be helping to save a culture’s heritage by learning about their traditions.

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