Tours Conserving Animals on the Endangered Species List
Wildlife Protection

Tours Conserving Animals
on the Endangered Species List

Over the years, the endangered species list of animals that are going extinct has only grown. Many animals are at risk of dying out due to different factors including habitat loss, poaching and more. It is a great concern to think that during our lifetime, more and more animals are at risk of existing no more. That’s why laws and legislations (such as the endangered species act) have been created to try and help the problem by protecting animals. The endangered species act, for example, is there to prevent the importing and exporting of certain animal species – especially those on the endangered species list, which can help to discourage people from involving themselves with the transportation and sale of particular wildlife. It is just one step on the way to protecting each type of animal. 

When it comes to wanting to protect animals that are going extinct, some travellers are looking for tours and experiences that help spread the word about wildlife on the endangered species list. By choosing to give their business to reputable tours, they can indirectly help to conserve and protect these animals which is a worthwhile cause. Let’s look at some example tours below.

Mountain Gorillas

The Wildlife collective is a tour company that takes visitors to look for specific animals that are going extinct – Mountain Gorillas. They’re located in the mountainous jungles of Uganda and a portion of every booking gets donated to the Gorilla Fund and their conservation.

Sumatran Orangutan

Sumatra Orangutan is a tour company that ethically take travellers to see these orange apes that have been on the endangered animals list for some time. They donate around 15% of their proceeds to conservation and make sure to keep their impact on the jungle to a minimum.

Hawksbill Turtles

Tranquility Island Resort is a protective sanctuary for baby turtles that need to be rehabilitated and nursed back to health. They offer a conservation program that aims to educate visitors while allowing them a close up experience of these majestic sea creatures. They run off of donations that go directly back towards the turtles’ care.

Amur Leopards

Voygr is another tour company that puts 100% of their tour costs back into the  conservation for these animals that are going extinct. With such a small number of these rare cats still out there, the conservation efforts are extremely important in order to keep them protected. These cats are found in the Russian wilderness and are an amazing sight – if you’re lucky enough to spot one.

As you can see, there are multiple tours that help to support the conservation of the animals on the endangered species list and each one is well worth the experience both for the traveller and the protected wildlife. Your small contribution to joining one of these tours can help with the larger goal of helping to conserve these animals. So, which tour would you choose?

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