Tourism Trend: The Varying Rebound of European Nation

Tourism Trend:
The Varying Rebound of
European Nations

The pandemic caused a rift throughout the worldwide travel industry. Covid shut down the entire world in more ways than one. In the years that followed 2019, travel was practically non-existent. When it became safe to travel again, many nations were happy to welcome tourists back to their countries to help boost their economies.

One region that bounced back really well is Europe. One tourism trend shows that Europe travel has thrived in the last year to 90% of pre pandemic levels. However, not every country on the European continent is facing this increase with the tourism trend. There are a few destinations which were hit the hardest that could do with some extra tourism and a little more appreciation to join the travel industry trend.

Let’s take a look at some statistics from the higher end of the scale:

  • Portugal is experiencing an 11% increase in tourism compared to 2019.
  • Montenegro is currently at 14% higher numbers than 2019.

Now compare these numbers to other European countries on the lower end of the scale, you’ll see how much of a difference there is in the tourism trend post pandemic.

  • Estonia is running at 27% less tourism than 2019. 
  • Latvia is receiving 30% fewer foreign tourists than 2019.
  • Lithuania is suffering from 33% less tourism than 2019.

That’s why we’d like to recommend these three countries for tourism and Europe travel. There are plenty of reasons they are worth visiting now, more than ever.


In Estonia you’ll see unspoiled nature in Lahemaa National Park. If you’d prefer to spend time by the coast you can visit Haapsalu & Panu seaside resorts. Don’t forget the capital city of Tallin with an abundance of museums, the old town and fantastic restaurants. 


In Latvia you can enjoy Riga, the largest city in the Baltics filled with gothic architecture. The quaint town of Kildiga with baroque and timber houses and a stunning waterfall. The mesmerizing Rundale Palace and multiple medieval castles just waiting to be explored.


In Lithuania you’ll find stunning lake Trakai and the castles on its banks, get to explore the multiple UNESCO heritage towns and destinations including Kaunas and Vilnius. Plus, you can see the unique sand dunes known as the Baltic Sahara. 

With so many less tourists, you’ll be able to experience a more authentic visit to each country without only coming into contact with other travelers. This means there will be smaller crowds and shorter wait times to visit attractions. It will allow you more opportunities to meet with locals and those who can give you an unforgettable experience. Plus, by travelling to these places that are away from the hordes of tourists, you can help to contribute to the recovery of these less-visited nations. This in turn helps with sustainability and the overall travel trend. So, when you’re ready to read the travel industry trend and find a tourism destination, consider going to the countries less visited and help with their sustainable recovery after a tumultuous few years.

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