Top Sustainable Small Luxury Hotels in Europe
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge,  Europe

Top Sustainable Small Luxury Hotels
in Europe

A vacation to Europe is always appealing to people of every age. Be it to western Europe or tropical eastern Europe or even chilly northern Europe, the trip comprises memorable experiences.

A solo trip in your early twenties, a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation- the continent has a bag full of surprises to offer to all kinds of travelers.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable voyage and also looking for a personalized experience in small luxury hotels or boutique hotels in Europe then here are the 3 best hotels in Europe that are sustainable and worth staying in.

Romantic Boutique Hotel & Spa, Lithuania

The Romantic Boutique Hotel & Spa is one of the ideal small luxury hotels in northern Europe. Settled near a scenic lake, this is a vintage boutique hotel. Dive into the baltic atmosphere as you find yourself amidst authentic Lithuanian canopy beds, hand-made wool carpets, and vintage birch furniture.

Romantic Boutique Hotel & Spa is Green Key certified. The boutique follows the criteria implemented by the Foundation for Environmental Education to minimize the output of tourism on the environment. 

Credit: ROMANTIC Boutique Hotel & SPA

Sé Boutique Hotel, Portugal

The capital city of Portugal Madeira archipelago, Funchal is encompassed by hills, gardens, and harbors. It is popular for the Madeira wine cellar and the centuries-old Funchal Cathedral which blends Gothic and Romanesque-themed architecture. The São Tiago Fortress, now the Contemporary Art Museum, contains the craftsmanship of past Portuguese workers.

Sé Boutique Hotel is nestled in the core of Funchal. The cathedral built by D. Manuel I is the neighbor of this boutique hotel. Easy access to the bars, restaurants and shops from the small luxury hotel makes it a suitable abode in western Europe. With a tropical garden inside the boutique, you can lose yourself amidst the beauty of green that heals your soul from the weariness of life. One of the leading boutique hotels in Europe, this is an eco-friendly option as it serves organic and locally-grown food through environment-friendly initiatives.

Sé Boutique Hotel is Green Key certified. Enjoy your sustainable vacation by staying at this eco-friendly boutique hotel.

Chania Flair Deluxe Boutique Hotel, Greece

Nestled in a quiet and picturesque location, the Chania Flair Deluxe Boutique Hotel witnesses the coming together of the sandy beach and the old town. This is an adult-only boutique hotel that offers a relaxing experience. Spacious rooms, a rooftop fitness studio with an amazing view of the sea, relaxation area with a pool are some of the most attractive features of the hotel.

As one of the leading names when it comes to small luxury hotels in Europe, Chania Flair Deluxe practices strict climate neutrality and energy efficiency. It is a Green Key Global-certified hotel.

Whether it be the east of Europe or the west or even the north, enjoy your voyage by accommodating at eco-friendly boutique hotels. These small luxury hotels take the initiative to improve not just the health of the environment but also the economic position of the native businesses. These are some of the best hotels in Europe that also keep their carbon footprint in check while offering a memorable stay.

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