Top 4 Green Fest Events in Europe
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Top 4 Green Fest Events in Europe

Festivals are popular around the world, and music festivals especially. With so many genres and types of music with fans of all ages and nationalities, it’s no surprise that some of these events get world recognition. But how eco-friendly can a green fest or the best music festivals be? Can a green fest still be fun? 

Firstly, what exactly is a green fest? 

A green fest (short for festival) is one that is conscious about the impact their event makes on the environment. By being environmentally conscious, they are able to find ways to create a fun-filled experience for their visitors without causing damage to the Earth in the process. Sounds like the perfect situation. 

So how do you know which of the best European festivals are actually green? 

Normally they advertise on their own websites the eco-friendly practices they follow, and if they’re recognised for such methods they might be awarded an AGF award (it’s an award for the most eco-friendly festivals). 

Now, if you’re looking to attend one of the best European festivals yet are unsure where to begin, we can give you our top 4 below: 

The Green Gathering (UK)

The Green Gathering is located in Piercefield Park in Chepstow, this green fest is held on 1-4 August in 2024. This is one of the best european festivals when it comes to being eco-friendly and living off-grid. They have stages and productions that are run on solar power and have a fantastic marketing team that encourages green living, even when this green fest has come to an end. 

DGTL Festival (Netherlands)

DGTL Festival is held on March 29-31 in Amsterdam, this dutch event is one of the best music festivals at the moment that wants to include all visitors in their environmental care. With all of the food sold at the event being plant-based, they are making sure that vegans and vegetarians are not left out. 

Sonidos Liquidos (Spain)

Located in the Canary Islands on 8th June 2024, Sonidos Liquidos is one of the best music festivals that has the same headliner every year – Le Geria. This festival knows how important caring for the environment is, so along with making sure they preserve the local landscape, they make sure they spread the word to their visitors too. Because of their marketing strategies, visitors of this green fest successfully care for the landscape too. 

Boom Festival (Portugal)

Boom Festival is located in sunny Portugal from July 20-25, this is yet another one of the top European festivals that takes sustainability seriously. So that they cause as little damage to the local area the event has compost toilets for visitors and they minimise the chemicals used with human waste. Plus, they run their event on solar energy due to the high number of sunny days this region gets. 

These are four of the best music festivals that take caring for the environment seriously but they’re not the only ones worth a visit. We’ve covered other summer festivals and there are many more listed on the AGF website above. Each green fest is waiting to share their environmental growth with new visitors, so what are you waiting for?

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