Top 10 Sustainable Tourism Hashtags

Looking to gain more traffic to your social media posts by using the top currently trending sustainable tourism hashtags? Enjoy browsing social media, but find yourself following the same old hashtags? If you are looking for the best ways to find or share new trending material, we’ve compiled the top 10  sustainable tourism hashtags for 2020!

Hashtags are important for several reasons. Not only does the incorporation of hashtags help to properly categorise a post in the area for which it best suits, it helps people to find the posts they are looking for. Hashtags increase a posts’ or a campaigns’ visibility. Hashtags help people interested in similar communities (ie; sustainable tourism, ecotourism, etc.) to find your post and hopefully foster an environment in which those communities can grow. In the current social media environment, hashtags are almost a necessity to even be seen. 

If you are searching for the best hashtags to share a great photographic moment, look no further, your answer is here!

Make note of these top 10 sustainable tourism hashtags of 2020!

  1. #sustainabletourism  
  2. #sustainability
  3. #consciousconsumer  
  4. #global  
  5. #midfulliving
  6. #community
  7. #smallbusiness
  8. #changemakers
  9. #bethechange
  10. #local

As a postscript, the hashtag #wanderlust is still a very popular hashtag across all social media outlets. Even after years of being one of the top frequented hashtags, #wanderlust has maintained its momentum as one of the most commonly used hashtags for content with amazing scenic views.

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