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Three Beautiful Eco Friendly
Glamping Sites in the World

Over the past few years, glamping has become an increasingly popular travel trend. Unlike traditional camping that lacks certain amenities, Glamping is an upscale style of camping that is very comfortable and often offers resort-style services. Many glamping sites are eco friendly and use sustainable practices to ensure there is no damage being done to the environment. For example, some eco glamping sites use solar-powered energy, compostable toilets, and even grow their own produce.

Here are three beautiful eco friendly glamping sites in the world.

Paperbark Camp, Australia

Credit: Paperbark Camp

Located in the New South Wales Australian state, the Paperbark Camp provides glamping accommodations within a peaceful bush setting. The camp consists of safari-style tents built above the ground to ensure privacy and the breeze of the nearby sea can be felt. The beach can be easily accessed from Paperbark Camp for those who want to soak up the sun, and there is a dining area in the heart of the camp that serves food cooked with locally sourced produce.

Paperbark Camp is committed to being a sustainable property. Their tents use solar-powered energy, hot water is heated on-demand only by gas, and shower heads are low flow in order to conserve water. Paperbark Camp is certified by Eco Tourism Australia as an Advanced Ecotourism property for their contributions to protecting the environment.

Ceridwen Centre, Wales

Credit: – West Wales UK

The Ceridwen Centre is a luxury camping site located on a 40-acre organic farm in Drefach-Felindre, Wales. This rural retreat features a variety of glamping options that include yurts, an eco pod, and a gypsy wagon. Guests won’t be disappointed by the Ceridwen Centre’s wood-fired hot tub, and there is a pub and a wool museum within walking distance. Locally produced meals are available on the weekends and consist of fresh organic ingredients.

The Ceridwen Centre aims to reduce their impact on climate change by heating their facilities using only solar panels, composting all organic waste, and they favour using reusable products over disposable ones. In 2013/2014 and 2015/2016 the centre received the Gold Award for being the Best Sustainable Business in Carmarthenshire county by the Rural Business Awards.

Round the Woods, England

Credit: Round the Woods

Located in the rural Norfolk countryside is the quaint glamping property of Round the Woods. Surrounded by quiet woodland, Round the Woods offers guests the perfect relaxing getaway. The property allows guests to stay in rustic yurts, or a traditionally crafted roundhouse- ideal for larger groups. Round the Woods is home to 20-acres of a nature reserve that is visited by lots of wildlife and there is even a small pond. Their communal tepee has picnic benches where guests can enjoy meals in the shade and socialize with each other. The on-site shower facilities, located in a shipping container, are very clean and spacious for ultimate guest comfort.

Round the Woods has an Environmental Policy that states their commitment to sustainable efforts. For example, their structures are built without concrete poured in the ground, therefore they will not leave a trace if they are ever removed from the property. They also only use compostable toilets and food waste is composted for their vegetable garden. Round the Woods was awarded the Gold Award from Green Tourism upon their opening in recognition of their sustainable efforts.

You can rest assured that Glamping will provide you with an unforgettable outdoor experience. With so many glamping sites to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect accommodations that suit your travel needs.

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