Three Amazing Sustainable Floating Hotels Around the World
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge

Three Amazing
Sustainable Floating Hotels
Around the World

In the face of increasing environmental concerns, eco-friendly floating hotels have found a place on the list of innovative solutions to the global climate issue. Constructed mainly with sustainable materials, these river hotels work hard to lend a hand towards environmental initiatives by providing sustainable places for people to stay while on vacation. 

Not only are they eco-friendly, but these river hotels provide unique and enriching experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. Often immersed in the surrounding nature, you get to enjoy the peacefulness of the environment while doing your part to protect it. 

This article will dive into a few of the coolest eco-friendly floating hotels around the world. 

Arctic Bath Hotel, Sweden

Credit: Arctic Bath Hotel

In the quiet serenity of the Swedish Lapland sits the Arctic Bath Hotel. Immerse yourself in the arctic wilderness and enjoy the splendors of the Northern Lights at this eco-friendly floating hotel. You’ll also have the opportunity to experience their renowned spa and wellness center.

Each structure of the hotel is made using local materials and has been crafted to minimize environmental impact. As part of an old Swedish tradition, the design incorporates the surrounding nature, using timber logs to decorate the outside of the buildings. Products offered to guests, such as bathrobes, are eco-friendly and reusable. The restaurant at Arctic Bath also uses locally grown, sustainable foods to craft their meals. 

The river hotel is located in Harads, Sweden, which is about a one-hour ride from the nearby city Luleå, which has its own airport. You may hire a private car or take the local bus. 

The Floathouse River Kwai, Thailand

The Floathouse is a floating hotel that sits on the Kwai River in Thailand and flows into the Gulf of Thailand. You can get there by flying into Bangkok and taking a three-hour car ride to Phutakien Pier where you will hop on a boat that will take you to the hotel. 

The Floathouse emphasizes social responsibility in both its design and its actions. Local materials were used to craft the structure of the hotel and allow it to blend in with the natural environment. The hotel encourages responsible tourism by booking with eco-friendly tour agencies, using locally grown foods at their restaurant, and employing local Mon people who sell natural products for sunscreen and makeup. It has won numerous awards, including a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2013, 2014, and 2015.

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Uiara Amazon Resort, Brazil

Located on the Rio Negro in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is Uiara Amazon Resort, an eco-friendly and unforgettable floating riverside resort. The hotel sits only 8 kilometers from the city of Manaus and provides daily transportation to and from the international airport.  

The Uiara Amazon Resort follows strict sustainability standards by managing its natural resources to minimize the impact on the surrounding nature. It was designed with innovative water treatment facilities and waste management systems in order to preserve the local ecosystem for the wildlife and indigenous communities.

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Stay at an Eco-Friendly River Hotel!

These amazing river hotels all offer incredible experiences that are entirely unique to their destinations. Not only will you enjoy the deep immersion in nature that staying on a river allows for, but you will be supporting hotels that do their part to keep the environment safe.

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