The top green and sustainable airlines in the world

The Top Green and
Sustainable Airlines in the World

The top airlines of the world can be dependent on many different topics and opinions such as leg room, entertainment onboard, food available and comfort. But during an age when caring for the environment is at the forefront of our traveler’s mission, we really should be talking about which airlines are the most sustainable and green in order to beat the carbon flight shame.

Etihad Airways

Etihad is one of Abu Dhabi’s largest sustainable airlines and they are currently on track to reduce one-time-use plastics by 80% by the end of 2022. Not only are they working to lower their plastic waste, but they are also almost completely paperless onboard, making them one of the top green airlines in the world. Not only that, but they are recycling the oil that’s used to cook the inflight meals as a power source for their ground transportation at the airports.

KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM has an active “Fly Responsibly” campaign where they are trying to tackle the global warming crisis while transporting their passengers and travelers around the world. They do this by using a renewable energy source known as synthetic kerosine mixed with water and co2. Their aim is to continue using this method as a sustainable and renewable source to stay one of the Netherlands most eco-friendly airlines. Synthetic Kerosine is used as a fuel source to operate their flights instead of petroleum.    

Cathay Pacific 

Based out of Hong Kong, this airline’s green mission allows travelers to pay a monetary value equal to the carbon emissions used on their selected flight. When purchasing items before and during a flight, the money is then sent to environmental based projects that focus on reducing CO2 and instead creating more sustainable, renewable energy for airlines. The purchases do not include the general flight cost but instead, flight extras or merchandise. The “Fly Greener” program has saved over 160,000 tonnes of CO2 since the project began 15 years ago.

Virgin Atlantic

By 2050 Virgin Atlantic’s goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions. They have a strong stance on accountability when it comes to trying to protect the environment. In 2018, they became the first brand to fly commercially using only sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) out of all the top airlines in the world. Made completely from renewable waste such as animal fat and used cooking oil they can fuel the planes. They have plans to open Britain’s first fuel plant that creates SAF for future commercial airlines to use to stay green.


Greenopia awarded JetBlue the “Airline of the Year” for their work on becoming one of the most eco-friendly and green airlines in the US. They’re also known for renewing their old planes for a newer and more sustainable fleet. With all the new planes they have, they’ve been able to successfully offset all carbon emissions since 2020 and promote their sustainable “BlueBud” airlines program. It’s a mentoring program that focuses on responsible food brands with sustainable healthy options. The winners often get their food served onboard.

Flying is the easiest and most convenient transport option although it’s certainly not the most eco-friendly. However many of the top airlines in the world are taking gradual steps to become more green and sustainable by doing their part for the environment. This should keep travelers comfortable and assured on their journey while the plane companies are helping to fight climate change.

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