The Best Vegan Apps For Sustainable Travel
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The Best Vegan Apps
For Sustainable Travel

Veganism and vegetarianism is on the rise around the world, and the transition doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, given the right tools, going vegan can be effortless and easy. Veganism is a way of life and diet that does not allow the consumption of animal products such as dairy, meat, eggs, and honey. It also includes avoiding animal-derived products such as silk, leather, and wool. People are becoming more interested in it because they care about animal welfare, the environment, and health. Keep reading for the best vegan apps to help transition a more sustainable lifestyle.  

Plant Based Apps

If you’re thinking about adopting a plant-based lifestyle these plant based apps will help with everything from restaurant finders to ingredients databases. These are certain apps that can add so much value to everyday life while transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. 

For vegans and vegetarians, traveling sustainably requires a bit more planning, but the growing numbers of apps for vegans makes traveling with dietary restrictions easier than ever.  

Happy Cow

With the Happy Cow app for vegans you won’t have a problem finding vegan food and vegetarian restaurants. This plant based app  makes all cows in the world happy, because it helps you to avoid eating meat even when eating while traveling.

This incredibly user friendly app has features including an easy search for vegan and vegetarian restaurants in your area. It’s great for travel because you can search by your current location or the destination in which you will be traveling. With Happy Cow you also have the ability to filter by the type of plant based diet you prefer, and even save your favorite locations. 

Happy Cow is one of the quickest and most convenient plant-based restaurant search apps that is available today. The best part? It doesn’t have any complicated bells and whistles, it’s just a straightforward search and plenty of listings is all you need. This plant based app is available for free on both Android | iOS, it is available globally in over 180+ countries. 


Abillion easily tops this list as one of the best vegan apps available, thanks to its ability to find vegan restaurants or product options. However, the twist with this plant based app is that it helps keep the vegan and vegetarian community alive. For every review of a restaurant or product that a user makes,  $1 is donated to a vegan charity of their choice. Users can save up their dollars to make a large donation, or donate each dollar as they wish.

Abillion is also a nonprofit partner with many different organizations including farm sanctuaries, children’s education, tree planting, and so much more. The abillion community has donated thousands to various charities and their goal is to help make veganism and vegetarianism accessible with their app for vegans. 

Abillion is completely free to download and use. You get to donate to your charity of choice without paying a dime. You can download the app here, and it is available globally. 

Vegan Pocket

The goal of Vegan Pocket is to make it easy to scan product barcodes and determine if a product is vegan or not. This makes traveling a breeze as you can use this plant based app at the grocery store no matter where you go. The free version of this vegan app includes 4 scans per hour. This is the case even when the products are not in the database in which case you can add them yourself. 

Overall, this is probably one of the best vegan apps for scanning products, and is great for both easy and fast scanning of products. For those looking for unlimited scans there is also a paid version of the app for $19.99 (USD) a year. Currently the app is only available on IOS, in English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese. 

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Whether you’re plant curious, plant focused, or in the early days of an entirely vegan lifestyle, these plant based apps will help make sustainable travel easier for you. With the power of these best vegan apps behind you, travel without daily food struggles as you build a like minded community.

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