The Best Travel APPS For Sustainability

The Best Travel APPS For Sustainability

The best travel apps out there can significantly change our travel lifestyle. They impact everything from how we shop to where we choose to visit.  Sustainable travel apps have the power to promote an eco-friendly travel experience. Keep reading for the best travel APPS for sustainability. 

What is a sustainable travel app and what makes it different?

Some of the best travel apps for eco-friendly travel are mobile apps with information on how to explore the world without having a negative environmental impact. Also known as green apps, they often leverage innovation to help guide travelers choices and actions so that they have a meaningful impact on the places they explore.


The cheaper it becomes to book eco-friendly vacations, the more would-be travelers will do it. Glooby is one of the best sustainable travel booking apps on the market! This app makes it easy to cross-reference sustainable hotels and flights across booking platforms with their potential environmental impact so you can go green and easy on your wallet at the same time. 

Glooby has a plethora of green awards and certificates including Green Key, Green Tourism, and Fair Trade Tourism. On this travel search engine travelers can find and compare prices all while Glooby indicates the most fuel-efficient flights and eco-labeled hotels. The best part? Glooby provides information on travel around the world! If you’re looking for a great eco-friendly travel booking app, then Glooby is perfect for you! 


Fairtrip is one of the premiere trip planning apps available. This app shows you the places in a certain area that have a positive economic and social impact. This includes things like where to shop, eat and drink in more than 3,000 locations worldwide. This trip planning app allows you to discover off the beaten path accommodations, restaurants, activities, and more. These places are selected for being both authentic and having a positive environmental impact. 

The main aim of this app is to change tourist behavior and make people more mindful of their habits abroad. Simply choose the “green” positive impact option when searching the app for things to do. 


EarthHero is one of the best travel apps for helping to curb climate change. The goal of this travel app is to make people more aware of the effects of their actions on the planet. EarthHero advocates for changes in your own actions to address climate change, including energy, food, and travel. You can discover tips on how to eat, transit, and travel sustainably. 

EarthHero also enables users to track their carbon footprint, while also providing recommendations on how to reduce those emissions. This makes for a more sustainable travel experience. The app currently has over 100,000 users in 150 countries who have achieved over half a million climate actions.


Did you know that a vegan diet can help cut greenhouse-gas emissions and water pollution and assist in better land management? Check out our Veganism: A Sustainable Lifestyle Option for more information.  If you’ve decided to go vegan, or just give it a try to help save the planet, the HappyCow has you covered. This trip planning app will help you to discover all the best vegan restaurants around the world. The apps is available in 180+ countries world wide. 

Their extensive network covers more than 180 countries and features an in-app map as well as user reviews. You can sort listings to include vegetarian, vegan, and even restaurants with meat options.

These trip planning and travel booking apps will help you to travel more sustainably. Whether you are looking for eco-friendly hotels, sustainable modes of transportation, or the best vegan food at your destination, these best travel apps have you covered. 

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