The Best Sustainable Igloo Hotels in Finland
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge,  Europe

The Best Sustainable Igloo Hotels
in Finland

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in Finland’s arctic beauty, there’s no better type of accommodation than igloo hotels. From the cozy comfort of a secluded glass igloo, travelers can become fully immersed in a winter wonderland of snow-covered nature and the awe-inspiring beauty of the northern lights. The majority of igloo hotels are found in the northern region of Finland where the effects of global warming are visible and the necessity for eco-friendly tourism practices is standard. 

The following are a few sustainable glass igloo accommodations that are perfect for a northern lights igloo holiday. 

Ollero Eco Lodge

Credit: Mr. Jaakko Posti

Experience the beauty of the Arctic Circle through an immersive stay in Ollero’s all-glass igloos. This family-owned business is located just outside Lapland in Northern Finland along the Ounasjoki river. The glass walls and ceilings showcase the starry skies and snow-covered forestry in winter, and the rushing waters and lush forestry in summer and fall.  

Ollero Eco Lodge is committed to providing a unique travel experience beyond the actual igloo. From the building materials to the solar power and repurposed interior design, each igloo is completely energy efficient. Their Green Key membership through sustainable certification further evidences the quality of eco-responsible travel you’ll find at Ollero. 

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

Credit: Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

Located on the Arctic Circle just 26 minutes from the town of Rovaniemi, Finland, the Arctic SnowHotel is the perfect spot for a northern lights igloo holiday. Each of their 39 igloos are equipped with a panoramic roof so that travelers can stare up at the starry sky each night and possibly spot the captivating colors of the aurora borealis. In addition to glass igloos, Arctic SnowHotel creates a magical winter experience with an onsite ice restaurant, ice bar, and snow sauna. 

Most importantly, Arctic SnowHotel is a certified accommodation by the Green Key sustainable certification program. While their sustainable efforts are evident in their practices, building materials, waste management, and energy efficiency, a key priority for Arctic SnowHotel is community involvement. The entire hotel is staffed with a local workforce and many of the products and services are from local companies.  

Pyhä Igloos

Credit: Pyhä Igloos

The Pyhä Igloos are uniquely located in the town of Pyhätunturi, Finland on the border of the national park. These modern accommodations are designed to showcase the stunning natural elements outside your door, while also equipping your stay with a kitchenette, electric adjustable beds under glass roofs, and full bathrooms. Like the other igloos, the Pyhä Igloos are Green Key certified and proved to practice resource efficiency, and reduced waste and water. 

A vacation in one of Finland’s glass igloos is a once in a lifetime experience. Regardless of which of these sustainable igloo hotels you choose, you can rest assured that your accommodation is among the most sustainable options in the region and is highly committed to making your stay relaxing, memorable, and as eco-friendly as possible. 

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