The Best Games for the Environment

The Best Games for the Environment

Environmental education is such an important aspect of living a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether it’s through hands on programs, online education websites, or video games, these forms are all making strides toward environmental education for kids.You may be wondering, how can video games benefit the environment? The video game industry has a more significant impact with games for nature and climate challenge than you may think. Keep reading for more information on the best games for the environment. 

What Are Games For The Environment?

In recent years video games have transitioned from mindless entertainment to addressing educational issues including environmental awareness. In many of these games the benefits are indirect, meaning that players learn and improve their skills while enjoying technology with games for climate change or games for nature. The goal of games for the environment is to raise environmental awareness and act on the current situation while having fun.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Civilization VI is one of the most popular games for climate change and cleverly addresses the impact that humans have on the environment, specifically pertaining to climate change.  

You guide a civilization from its beginnings to the peak of its technological development. As industrialization increases you can see the environmental impact first hand via the global climate change meter. Keep an eye on the meter because if measures are not taken in this game for climate change it will cause catastrophic natural disasters. 

This helps kids and adults both learn the impact that your decisions have on the environment. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and Android.

Planet Rescuers

Planet Rescuers is an amazing game for the environment focused on environmental education in terms of both energy use and sustainability. This video game shares its space within the incredibly popular “Minecraft universe.”

Players use their creativity and innovation while playing this game for the environment that helps to foster a more sustainable world. Planet Rescuers highlights the importance of environmental protection by creating a fun way to learn about the different ways to generate electricity, responsible energy consumption, and more. 

Planet Rescuers is available in English, Spanish, German, French and Danish. You can play this game for the environment on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Xbox. 

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

In this game for nature, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure follows the charming Alba, a young British girl.  She explores the fictional Valencian Island of Secarral while on vacation, and  discovers that the island’s wildlife needs to be preserved. Thanks to a local fire and the development of a hotel over their habitat, the animals are in danger. 

To raise awareness, the game has you photograph and catalog the island’s local fauna, help rescue animals in danger, and gather signatures for a petition to stop the hotel’s development. The eye-catching animation and heartfelt story get kids involved and keep them captivated and remind us all that large policies are constructed from individual action in this special game for nature. 

You can play Alba: A Wildlife Adventure on Apple Arcade, Steam, PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, and XBox. 

For more information on the importance of environmental education read The Importance of Environmental Education Programs for Kids

These games for the environment have become a powerful tool to address social and educational environmental concerns. Playing eco-friendly games encourages both kids and adults to be more eco-friendly tourists. The positive impact of the games for the environment can’t be underestimated as they provide a fun and engaging way to learn about environmental concerns facing our planet. Help our youth discover the importance of sustainability with these games for the environment. 

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