The Best Airports For Sustainability Around the World

The Best Airports
For Sustainability
Around the World

Sustainability is a critical issue today, and the  aviation industry plays a huge role in carbon emissions. Airports also play a significant part in global transportation, making it essential that they minimize their impact on the environment. Let’s talk about some of the best airports for sustainability around the world and what they are doing to be more eco friendly. 

Galápagos Ecological Airport, Ecuador

The Galápagos Ecological Airport is one of the best airports in terms of sustainability, and for good reason. Ecuador is one of the most environmentally important places in the world, so it may not be surprising to find that the airport became a true masterpiece in sustainability when it was completed in 2012. 

It’s built out of sustainable materials, and it’s able to run solely on solar and wind power. About 80% of the materials used to build this top airport were recycled, that includes steel pipes that came from the oil extraction fields in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Currently the airport reports 582,905 carbon neutral air kms, and 3,759

tree growth years. Their impressive green awards and certificates include LEED Gold Certification, Airport Carbon Accreditation, and the ASQ Customer Experience Award 2019. 

Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Sweden

The Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, and has set ambitious goals of reducing its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of the best airports in the world in terms of sustainability! They have invested in renewable energy such as wind and solar power, and have implemented waste reduction and  recycling programs.

This was the first European airport to achieve carbon neutrality more than a decade ago, and its sustainability progress continues to impress as one of the best airports. The Stockholm Arlanda airport uses a biofuel system to heat both its terminals and airfield buildings. Water is collected from an underground aquifer to run through its air-conditioning systems in summer. The airport is also shifting to 100 percent fossil-free diesel for all of its support vehicles. How amazing is that? 

Boston Logan International Airport, U.S.

Boston Logan International Airport features the world’s first air terminal to win a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation, making Boston Logan one of the best airports in terms of sustainability. The airport’s Terminal A features roofing and pavement surfaces designed to reflect heat from the building, and Boston Logan has also installed low-flow bathroom fixtures to save water.

The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) has also invested millions into repaving one of the airport’s runways with environmentally friendly asphalt, which could be heated at a significantly lower temperature during construction. All of these changes certainly make Boston Logan one of the top airports for sustainability. 

Terminal A at Boston’s Logan International was the first air terminal to be accredited a LEED Certification for Environmental Sustainability by the U.S. Green Building Council in 2010. The terminal’s flooring and roofing is made up of materials that reflect excess heat from the building. There’s also a number of 6-foot-tall wind turbines that sit above the airport offices, which contributes to the airport’s energy supply.

These environmentally friendly airports are breaking new ground when it comes to sustainability. Choose one of these best airports in the world to help make your travel more sustainable.

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