The Best Accessible Beaches Around The World

The Best Accessible Beaches
Around The World

Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach day? Lounging in the sun while listening to the waves lap on the shore is one of the many small pleasures in life. Many people who are mobility challenged may not have access to these beautiful beaches because maneuvering in sand is quite difficult. Keep reading for our list of the best accessible beaches around the world!

How Are Beaches Being Made More Accessible?

Beaches are great options for those looking for the best handicap accessible vacations. Public beach access is on the rise and is becoming more accessible in different ways. One way is by using Mobi Mats, which are portable roll out pathways that make the beach easier to navigate.

There are also beach wheelchairs that have larger wheels with wider bases in order to easily roll across the sand without sinking.  Another accessible option is Mobi chairs which combine the large wheels of a beach wheelchair with a lighter frame and floatation device. 

If you’re considering taking a vacation to one of these accessible beaches make sure to contact the website or the visitor’s bureau at your intended public access beach.  Ask about parking lot accessibility and availability, distance, and modes of accessible transport to the beach. It’s also a good idea to check on the cost of a rental beach wheelchairs, and if the accessible beach you are going to offers Mobi or other mats.

Best Accessible Beach Around The World

Cape Cod, Massachusetts 

If you are looking for a public access beach with rolling sand dunes and cliffs, then head to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Due to the nature of the stunning landscape of these beaches they can be particularly difficult to navigate for people with mobility issues. Many of the accessible beaches in Cape Cod have a variety of accessibility features that help counter the difficult terrain. 

In fact, there are 14 different beach entrances with accessible beach access. These entrances also offer Mobi-chairs and beach wheelchairs on a first-come-first-served basis from the lifeguard station. Head to Menauhant Beach if you are looking for a Mobi mat directly on the beach.

Broad Haven and Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembrokeshire’s beaches are known for being wide stretches of pristine sand, with great surf and coastal walks. They are also excellent accessible beaches. For instance, visitors to Broad Haven can rent all-terrain or beach wheelchairs, which are designed to cope with sand and shallow water. 

At nearby Saundersfoot Beach they also offer child-sized beach wheelchairs that were donated by a local charity. Keep in mind that Saundersfoot Beach is only open during the summer season. For those traveling with a wheelchair and hoping to stay near the coast, The YHA Broad Haven combines facilities for disabled guests with a knockout view of the ocean.

Additional Pembrokeshire Accessible Beach Open During Summer Season

  • Broad Haven North Beach
  • Whitesands Beach
  • Newport Sands 
  • Poppit Sands

Hanauma Bay, Hawaii

While the beach at Hanauma Bay is located at the bottom of a steep cliff created by the collapse of an ancient volcano, it is still one of the more accessible beaches in Hawaii. Access to the beach is available via a transportation shuttle from the rim, or by private car, making it perfect for those traveling with wheelchairs. 

Once you reach the bottom there are beach wheelchairs available free of charge at the beach kiosk.  There are also Mobi manual chairs available to rent that are suited for both sand and the warm Hawaiian sea. If you are looking for accessible accommodations nearby, The Kahala Hotel & Resort caters to wheelchair users and has its own private lagoon with staff trained in accessibility best practices. 

Honorable Mention:

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
  • Key Largo, Florida, USA
  • Mission Beach, California, USA 
  • Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
  • Pattaya Beach, Thailand
  • Umag, Croatia

Any of these accessible beaches will make for an amazing handicap accessible vacation. Whether you want to drive onto the beach yourself or rent a beach wheelchair, these amazingly beautiful beaches have you covered. Get out there and relax in the sunshine and listen to the waves lap the shore. 

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