The 3 Best Eco-Friendly Beach Destinations

The 3 Best Eco-Friendly Beach Destinations

As a traveler, you may be considering your next beach vacation and want to choose a location that is eco-conscious. You may not believe that a beach resort could support sustainability, however, many resorts are exceeding expectations to care for the environment and preserve the beautiful habitat around them. So why not make your next visit to a white sandy beach, one that is wonderfully climate-conscious? 

We have researched the best beach destinations for 2022, specifically beaches that are the best eco-friendly visits. Read on to learn about the 3 best climate-conscious beach destinations worldwide.

Bucati & Tara Beach Resort – Aruba – located in the Caribbean

The Bucati & Tara Beach resort was awarded the Global United Nations 2020 Climate Neutral Now Award for the sustainable initiatives they have implemented. 

The adults-only resort has 104 rooms and has made significant steps towards achieving sustainability such as heating water using solar technology, diverting 65% of waste from landfill, and banning single-use plastics at the beach resort. 

This eco-friendly resort is set on the Caribbean island of Aruba, in stunning surroundings with beautiful white sandy beaches. The resort is a short drive from Aruba airport to the beautiful beach resort, based on the west side of the island. 

Nihi Sumba Resort – Sumba – Indonesia 

The Nihi Sumba Resort is a stunning beach destination built with the idea to preserve and protect the surrounding vegetation of Sumba. 

The rooms and guest areas are all based outdoors, amid nature, reducing the need for air conditioning and the beach resort has its own water desalination and bottling plant, allowing the removal of single-use plastic bottles entirely. 

The resort owners are also committed to reducing poverty in Sumba and provide humanitarian aid and programs to empower the natives of Sumba and respect their culture. 

You can access the Nihi Sumba Resort via a short plane ride from Bali to Tambolaka Airport and then by taking a one and half hour car journey through the lush landscapes of rural Indonesia.

Melina Beach Tioman Island – Malaysia

A small boutique hotel based on the remote Tioman Island, Melina Beach resort has sustainability at its core. All guests are reminded to reduce, reuse and recycle and the hotel refers to itself as an eco-friendly resort over being a luxury accommodation. 

The resort takes pride in re-using beach driftwood and utilizing natural resources within its decor and only provides minimal toiletries to help reduce waste. 

Tioman Island has some of the most beautiful pristine beaches, virgin rainforests, and one of the healthiest coral reefs in Malaysia, because of this Tioman Island is involved in The Coral Triangle Marine Protected Area System (CTMPAS) to help protect and preserve marine life around the island. 

There are no commercial planes that land on Tioman Island so you can only arrive by either private yacht or by catching the ferry from the Malaysian town of Mersing, with further adds to the sustainability of visiting this stunning island. 

It is entirely possible to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation whilst also caring about the impact it has on the environment. By being mindful of how you travel and where you travel to, choosing less popular destinations and eco-friendly resorts that are making actual efforts to encourage eco-tourism, you can have a great time exploring a new environment. 

Check out any of the resorts mentioned above or browse our website for more information on how to find your dream eco-friendly vacation.

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