Teebike: Cycle to an Electric Bike
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Teebike: Cycle to an Electric Bike

In today’s woke world, people are becoming more sensitive to environmental concerns. Research shows that post the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are switching to bicycles, especially electric bikes.

Instead of taking a car or bus, switch to an electric bike! They give you speed, efficiency, and sustainability.

Did you know that you can convert your own favourite bicycle to an electric bicycle by simply replacing the front wheel?
It’s that easy with Teebike electric wheel! No need to buy a new bike, just a simple change of wheel can electrify your existing bike.

The Teebike tire provides an easy 3-step installation process. Simply,
Replace the front wheel on your bicycle with a Teebike front wheel
Connect it via Bluetooth using the free dedicated Teebike app, and
Choose your level of assistance on the app.

You can now control your new electric cycle and its running speed via the app installed on your phone.

The installation takes merely 5 minutes and the battery of the wheel stays recharged for nearly 4 hours. The recharge time of the battery is around 2-4 hours. The autonomy distance of this electric bike would be 60 km.

Credit: Teebike

The Teebike wheel comes in different sizes and gives you the option to either buy a new wheel or a reconditioned one.

The Teebike electric wheel is compatible with almost all handheld bikes out there and provides you with the convenience and efficiency that you need. It also provides a compatibility check test on its website so that you can know for sure if the tire will work for your bike.

The company’s front wheels are only available for purchase in France, Belgium, and parts of Switzerland.

If you are located in these places, the electric wheel will reach your accommodation within a matter of 4 days of placing the order and you will have your own new electric bike in practically no time. Another plus point is that this delivery is completely free of charge.

Also, if you are in France, you can rent the electric wheel instead of buying it. According to your comfort and budget, you can set the duration of your electric bicycle’s lease at a rate of 50€ per month. It’s a subscription process where every month you can decide if you want to halt or continue using the wheel.

You can purchase the Teebike electric wheel online at The Teebike official site, but if you are located outside Japan or France, you must obtain a licence that meets international standards for electrical appliances.

The electric Teebike wheel costs €795. That’s all you need to get your own electric bicycle.

So what are you waiting for?

Make your favourite bike go electric with Teebike.

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