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Take a Zipline Adventure!

Has it ever been so, that a traveller reaches a destination in which ziplining is a popular activity and one absolutely must try it? Taking a zipline adventure is a great way to have a fun experience without doing harm to the environment.

Ziplining is an outdoor activity which is seeing increased popularity as more and more people venture out for guided nature tours. Ziplining should only be done under the supervision of a professional person who is trained in all the safety measures required for a smooth ziplining experience.

The history of ziplining is quite amazing. Ziplining has been around for an estimated 2000 years, beginning in asian territories as a way to move heavy cargo and traffic through mountainous areas with thick vegetation.

Ziplining as a sustainable activity

Taking a zipline adventure is sustainable because the person ziplining actually has no possibility of disturbing the nature. The entire idea behind ziplining is to view nature from a distance and enjoy.  There are, of course, as many different varieties of ziplines as there are of anything else. There are zipline adventures where the entire experience is very sustainable, from beginning to end of the activity including trekking, lunching and the like. And there are ziplines which are in themselves the sustainable activity.

One rarely considered aspect of the sustainability of ziplining is the structures themselves. The structures are very minimalistic and work to keep ‘feet off the ground’. This ability to minimise the contact with the earth as much as possible has actually shown a reduction in soil erosion in many areas, as well as the usual trampling of flora and fauna is avoided when made impossible to do so. These are just a few reasons why taking a zipline adventure is a guilt-free way to enjoy the day.

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Examples of ziplining ecotours

Ziplining as an activity can be done in a variety of locales such as nature areas, over water, even in urban areas! Below we are sharing some ziplining ecotours from various destinations.

Queenstown, New Zealand

As featured in Sustainable Tourism New Zealand,  there is a  steep ziplining tour in Queenstown, New Zealand which descends 30 stories at a speed of up to 70 kph / 43 mph. Also in the Queenstown zipline there is a tour package of 6 different ziplines with some amazing mountain views.

Campo Rico, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers ziplining adventures which cross over both lagoons and subtropical forest areas. If the traveller is looking for a lush setting for a zipline tour in Puerto Rico, there is an ecotour having Travelocity’s certificates of excellence.

Palawan Island, Philippines

The Palawan archipelago is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It is possible to experience these incredible nature areas via zipline. Zipline and ecotours are available through certain areas such as the ocean view zipline shown in the feature photo of this article. As the archipelago consists of a cluster of more than 1 700 islands, ziplining as a way of island hopping to nearby islands is an amazing opportunity for an ocean view.

Highest and fastest ziplines in the world

Taking a zipline adventure is an experience which can be very personal. Some people wish their zipline experience to be more about experiencing nature as a part of it, while some others may more want to admire grande views without disturbing the nature, and others yet are just wishing for a fun zipline adventure.  For those zipliners in search of the ziplines that end in -est  Ie; biggest, fastest… we have included that information for you, below.

La Tyrolienne, France

Located at the Val Thorens ski resort in France, La Tyrolienne is considered to be the highest zipline in the world. Taking a zipline adventure at an altitude of 3 000 – 3 200 metres / 9 843 – 10 500 feet is not for the faint of heart. The maximum height the zipline reaches from the ground is 250 metres / 820 feet.

Zip World Velocity, Wales

Zip World Velocity in Bethesda, Wales is said to not only be the fastest zipline in the world but to also be the longest zipline in Europe.  One is said to be able to reach speeds up to 160 kmh  / 100 mph while ziplining in the air as high up as 152 metres / 500 feet off the ground. 

A zipline adventure can be a very fun way to experience sustainable “hands-off” tourism. Imagine being able to experience an entire valleys’ canopy or ocean view…even historical areas in just one single day of adventure and physical activity without causing a single bit of harm to the environment. Sounds perfect…no?

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