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Sustainable Travelling
to Spiritual Spots in the World

The world is home to several unique spots that are considered sacred and spiritual. These are special destinations where people tend to experience a deep connection to the Universe and themselves. Some of these spiritual spots consist of thousand-year-old monuments or are even thought to have energy vortexes.

A spiritual trip can easily be eco friendly as many of these destinations actively support sustainable travelling and are actively working on initiatives that protect the environment. Sustainable travel can be defined as finding ways and processes that maintain travel long-term, without harming the environment. For example, some hotels may only use solar-powered energy, or certain tourist attractions may limit the number of visitors per day in order to reduce environmental and social impacts.

The following are some wonderful spiritual places to visit for sustainable travelling.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is known as being a spiritual mecca and attracts talented healers, artists, and spiritual guides from all over the United States. From restorative yoga studios to hypnotherapy treats- Sedona is the place to go for personal and spiritual enrichment of the mind, body, and soul. It is full of majestic red rocks and lush foliage that help account for its special energy that radiates regenerative and inspirational effects. Sedona has several famous vortex sites (a place of high-energy field), each of which radiate their own particular energy.

It is also considered a sacred place amongst Native Americans and is home to several Native American ruins. Local tour companies and resorts even offer guests the opportunity to take part in traditional Native American ceremonies, healings, and storytelling’s to gain a further understanding of Native American spirituality.

The city council of Sedona has approved a sustainable tourism plan that identifies four pillars that work towards building a balanced and sustainable future. The four pillars include: Environment, Resident Quality of Life, Quality of the Economy, and Visitor Experience.  

Tulum, Mexico

Photography: Kari Bjorn Photography

Located in the much-loved country of Mexico, Tulum offers guests a relaxing spiritual experience. Similar to Sedona, Tulum is an energy vortex that allows one’s own electromagnetic field to be amplified by the energy of nature. Because of this, there are many yoga and meditation studios throughout Tulum. There are also several spas in Tulum that focus on using the natural energetic properties of the area to promote healing.

Tulum is also considered a spiritual destination as it houses the ruins of Mayan temples where gods and goddesses were once worshipped. The Mayans also recognized the natural freshwater pools and cenotes in the area as spiritual centres. What makes Tulum unique is that it is Mexico’s first sustainable tourism zone. This means that the municipality of Tulum will ensure that as an economically thriving tourist destination, it will take special measures to ensure its environment and natural resources are not depleted.

Therefore, the building of resorts that cause damage to the environment will not be allowed under any circumstances. 

By choosing to travel to a sustainable spiritual destination, not only are you protecting your body and soul, but also the environment! Which one of these spiritual places to visit will you choose for a sustainable travelling?

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