Sustainable Travel is
Not a Chore, it is Fun!

Global climate change is now at a noticeable level, when things such as extreme weather are taking place, climate change and environmental issues are being taken up more than ever. Governments, municipalities, and the travel industry are having discussions and making policies at all levels, including the travel industry. The message has been received from travellers that want to do earth-friendly activities, save energy, and make their journey’s more sustainable.

However, there must be some people who think “I know it is good to do something for the environment, and I agree with the message, but I travel for fun. I don’t want to put up with something or do something that I don’t feel like doing” or “I am interested in sustainability, but somehow I cannot think of it practically and apply it when I plan my travels.” 

Well, it might be that you understand in your head but if the actions won’t follow the thought, or you cannot control because you take action for desires.

If there is no benefit to yourself, it can be difficult to take action.

Unconsciously prioritizing the interests at hand, or being unable to change what we have done so far, is not a sustainable thing, but it can happen as it is a human characteristic.

The author thinks that building a system of thinking that utilizes the characteristics of human beings can be done by most people without difficulty, resulting in a great impact.

In other words, you can create a system that can immediately benefit from doing sustainable things, or recognize that there are such direct benefits and good things when you actually make sustainable choices.

What are the benefits at the individual level?

Travelling should be fun! Although the perceived context of making more environmentally friendly travel decisions can make one feel as though it will require some form of extra work or that one will have to endure, this is not the case. Sustainable travel requires only a bit of consideration.  It’s surprisingly simple to make traveling fun and sustainable! Making small choices can make a big difference.

Traveling in the ’off’ season

Traveling during the off-season is cheaper at hotels and planes, easier to book, and more local and tourist-friendly so you can travel at your own pace. If you can take a break during the high season, and travel during the off-season, it can help you to reduce the impact of tourism at your destination.

 If you choose a non-stop flight, you can spend the most time at your destination

When flying on an overseas trip, direct flights, rather than transit flights, will also have less impact on the environment as the flight distance will be shorter. Because the flight time is shorter, the burden on the body is small, and there is less possibility of losing your baggage. In addition, non-stop flights arrive early, so you can stay in your destination for longer! There’s no need to worry about the hassle of connecting flights either! 

 Let’s enjoy local cuisine in the destination!

Eating meals relevant to the destination, is one of the pleasures of travel. If you go on a trip, have a  toast with a local beverage or local dish instead of global chain fast food! Local cuisine made with local ingredients is not only delicious, but it is also one of the real pleasures of traveling because while learning about the food, you are also learning about the local culture.

Get to know the local lifestyle

Being that the destination may be in a different culture, it is recommended to enjoy being immersed in local life while traveling. Visit local supermarkets, shops, restaurants, places, etc. that are frequented by locals as well as the popular sightseeing spots that everyone goes to.

Supermarkets give you a glimpse of what locals are buying every day and what kind of home-cooked meals you may have, and you may find some nice souvenirs that appeal to the traveller on a more personal level than mass-produced souvenirs. It’s exciting to experience the local lifestyle in your destination. Please check in advance that it is a safe area.

Transportation by bus or train is also refreshing!

Taking public transport is also a part of the local life experience. Transport by bus or train can also be quite the refreshing experience, especially if it is not something usually done in daily life. The act of deciding where to go, finding the route and buying a ticket is a new experience in an unfamiliar land. When one is able to reach the destination safely, a sense of accomplishment can be felt, by being able to find one’s own way even in an unknown land. Furthermore, it’s easy to  enjoy the different scenery from a train trip than from a drive in an auto, so be sure to try it.

Participate in local hands-on tours and create memories

It’s good to take a picture at a famous tourist spot and check off that ‘to-do’  but the last thing one remembers is what was actually experienced and felt. Take part in a tour organized by a local tour company that is familiar with the local area and culture and have a deeper experience of the destination.  A valuable service is being provided and at the same time, profits are being returned into the local community. 

 Share your sustainable journey on social media!

If you decide to make your trip sustainable, share it on social media! Now that sustainability is a trend, it’s cool to say that you “chose” a sustainable option. Be aware of which choices are sustainable and recommend them to everyone!

Many people already do what has been mentioned here. That’s great! Just knowing that the action you took was one of the sustainable options, you can feel so good by recognising yourself as a wonderful traveler. 

Why not recommend your experience to others?

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