Sustainable Service Apps that are beneficial to you
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Sustainable Service Apps that are Beneficial to Your Daily Life

It’s an amazing feeling when you can earn rewards for something that you love to do, in this case, travel and everyday transportation. Using these sustainable apps, available for both Android and Apple, earns you rewards for choosing more eco friendly modes of transportation. The ongoing motivation to be more eco friendly is a bonus and is sustainable itself. Whether you are an eco friendly travel enthusiast or someone who simply wants to earn points for their everyday necessary travel, these sustainable service apps are for you!

Miles App

This universal and innovative sustainable app offers points for any mode of transportation. Whether you are driving to work or walking to the grocery store you will earn ‘miles’ and the more sustainable your mode of transportation, the more ‘miles’ you earn. The ‘miles’ are a point system that you can then redeem for exclusive rewards, gift cards, donations, and other products and services. 

There are many popular brands that have partnered with Miles, making redeeming points at Walmart, Starbucks, Target, and Amazon a breeze. The rewards are often in the form of coupon codes and gift cards, and you can find the reward options under the rewards tab in the app. 

The Miles App is available in North American, Japan, and will be available in South America and the European Union soon. 

How The Miles App Work

Start by downloading the Miles App from your app store, and you will need to give his eco friendly app permission to access your location at all times to get the most out of the rewards system. 

From there, every mile that you travel is recorded and added to your ‘miles’ and you cash those in for rewards. In this sustainable service app, driving gives you a basic ‘mile’ but the more eco friendly your mode of transportation, the more ‘miles’ you earn. There are some great ways to earn bonus ‘miles’ and be more eco friendly. 

Earning Bonus Miles

10x the ‘miles’ for walking 

5x the ‘miles’ for riding a bike 

3x the ‘miles’ for train, bus, and ferry

2x the ‘miles’ for carpooling 

Offcents Carbon Offsets App

The Offcents eco friendly app rewards you for offsetting your carbon emissions from transportation. The app tracks and offsets your transportation carbon footprint by purchasing and earning verified carbon offset credits. For those looking for a sustainable service that helps you track how much of a carbon footprint you are leaving, this app is perfect for you. 

Much like the Miles App, the more sustainable your mode of transportation, the more credits you earn. You earn free carbon offset credits for taking options such as walking, biking, and even shopping for more eco-friendly brands. 

Offcents is available in North America. 

How Offcents Carbon Offsets Works

Once you download the Offcents sustainable app from your app store, available for both Apple and Android, it will automatically detect and calculate your carbon emissions  from cars, planes, trains, buses, and ferry trips. You will have to turn on your location services for this one as well. 

The credits you earn are points that you can “spend” on different products or coupons to sustainable service companies. Credits can be used for eco-friendly products in places like Whole Foods, Nest, and at Sole Bicycles. 

Earn Bonus Credits

The app tracks how many steps you walk in a day. One thousand steps equals one pound of “carbon credits,” which you can use to “offset” your less eco friendly trips. You can also earn 5 extra credits a day for watching an eco friendly company ad. 

Both of these sustainable app options are great ways to earn points from everyday travel that you can use in your everyday life. If you live outside of their operating countries, try to look for similar sustainable services in your region. These apps serve as both educational and motivational ways to live a more sustainable life, and that’s a win for everyone.

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