Sustainable Outdoor Brands For Your Next Adventure
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Sustainable Outdoor Brands
For Your Next Adventure

There is nothing quite like the call of the great outdoors to revitalise the mind and spirit. Soaring mountains, silent hiking trails and babbling streams allow us to appreciate the beauty of this incredible planet at its very heart. While nothing is more disheartening than seeing pollution and litter tainting the otherwise pristine environment, there are many companies taking it on themselves to reduce their impact and even make nature better for future generations. 

As Leave No Trace says, it is imperative to “maintain minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors.” From renewable clothing fibers to recycled materials, there are a few things to look out for when choosing sustainable outdoor brands for your next camping adventure. If you want to take on nature, here are some of the best outdoor brands that protect and preserve the environment.


You can’t talk about outdoor clothing brands without mentioning Patagonia. Consistently ranked at the top of the Fashion Transparency Index, this American brand leads the way in both sustainable practices and fair-trade production. Patagonia uses regenerative organic cottons in its pieces, as well as recycled plastics in its waterproof and technical clothing. Hikers love the Nano Puff Jacket, which is not only incredibly stylish but insulating and made with 70 percent recycled material. 

The environmental activist image isn’t just for show. Patagonia also practices what they preach, with their charity 1% For The Planet contributing 1 percent of their sales annually to hundreds of worthy environmental causes around the world. 

Arm of Andes

For a more unique sustainable outdoor brand, consider Arm of Andes. Made from 100% Peruvian alpaca wool, this sibling-owned clothing brand focuses on sustainable, long-lasting pieces that can be worn in any kind of weather. Unlike other brands, Arm of Andes sources their wool from free-roaming animals that have lived in the Peruvian mountains for hundreds of years. 

Biodegradable and low-impact, alpaca wool is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, and is great for keeping warm in cooler climates or mountain hikes. Keep the cold out with one of their Alpaca Wool Long Sleeve Thermal shirts, or don the Alpaca Wool Leggings for an all-over insulating effect during winter months. 

Black Diamond

Outdoor adventures require quality gear, and Black Diamond is one of the best outdoor brands for sustainable equipment to help you on your next adventure. This U.S. company believes that “it is our responsibility not only to deliver the best performing gear, but to do so while minimizing adverse environmental effect”, and delivers on their promise to provide high-grade, long-lasting equipment that doesn’t come at an unsustainable cost. Among their best sellers are vegan climbing shoes, recycled material carabiners and hiking poles – perfect for those who love scaling steep slopes!

Black Diamond’s extensive range of outdoor equipment uses recycled stainless steel, aluminium and polyester, and includes clothing made from responsibly sourced, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The company also works to manage the impact of their raw materials and minimise the use of virgin components. Of particular note is their patented closed-loop anodization, which recycles around 2000 tons of wastewater during the production process. 

Choose Sustainable outdoor brands that don’t cost the earth!

As the call for sustainability grows louder, many brands are changing their production and sourcing processes to minimize impact on our beautiful world. Choose sustainable brands and make sure that your next foray into the world leaves a better place than you found it.

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