Sustainable Hotel Booking Websites: Where is Best to Book Eco-Friendly Accommodation?
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Sustainable Hotel Booking Websites:
Where is Best to Book
Eco-Friendly Accommodation?

Going on vacation shouldn’t mean you stop caring for the environment. There are ways to continue being eco-friendly while also having a good time. With so many hotel booking websites online, it can be hard to find the perfect accommodation for your trips. Mostly because the more options you have, the more overwhelming the decision can be. So, is there a way to find sustainable hotels so you’re able to do your part? Yes, there is!

We regularly review the best eco-friendly hotel booking websites, which is now the 3rd in our series. Want to see our previous articles? Feel free to read volume 1 and volume 2.

How to find green hotels

What’s great about so many businesses being earth-conscious in the modern age, is there are many more sustainable hotels now than there were in the past. Green hotels can be found through multiple channels which I want to share with you today. 

For starters, there are some specific hotel booking websites that only offer stays at sustainable hotels. Plus, other well-known hotel booking websites offer a range of accommodations but allow you to narrow down your options to sustainable hotels only. It’s not too hard to book an eco-friendly lodge. Take a look at some of these sites below: is on our list because they solely focus on sustainable hotels and properties. They also have a business model where they plant a tree for every booking made to stay at one of their listed green hotels. They’re paving the way for sustainable tourism. You can book on their website here.

If you’d like to find out more you can check out this article.


bookdifferent is one of the best hotel booking websites that aims to connect guests with eco-friendly accommodations. With this site, you will not need to filter the options to find sustainable hotels, as that’s all they provide. This will save you a lot of time in your decision-making and you’ll find an eco-friendly hotel with no problem.

Book your accommodation here.

We recommend using specialised booking sites that focus on eco friendly properties, but if you can’t find your ideal place you can also check out below.

Click here to learn about their eco-friendly status. is one of the world’s biggest hotel booking websites so it’s often the first place people go when they want to find a place to stay. On Booking, you can filter the options by clicking the box of “travel sustainable properties” to show green hotels only so you can easily pick an eco-friendly place. See what they have to offer here

As you can see there are plenty of hotel booking websites that offer filters allowing you to narrow down your options for green hotels. This is a great way to make sure you only book accommodation that suits your needs and is beneficial to the environment. With so many companies trying to go greener within the tourism industry, it certainly makes it easier to book sustainable hotels with confidence knowing your stay won’t be harmful to the world.

So, when you’re ready to book your next trip, why not try one of the recommended hotel booking websites above? 

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