Sustainable Flower Field Destinations Around The World

Sustainable Flower Field Destinations
Around The World

Beautiful flowers are always a joyous sight when traveling, and making an entire destination out of them is always a treat. This article will cover some of the best flower field destinations around the world that keep sustainability in mind. Here are some wonderful flower spots in the world: 

Lavender Fields in France

France is well known for its rolling lavender hills in the region of Provence in the southern region of the country. While the South of France is known for many things, the region is dominated by an endless horizon of these gorgeous flower fields during the summer months from June to August.  

The Aroma’Plantes Distillerie, located in the hills of Sault, is a family-owned distillery specializing in growing lavender for medical and aromatic purposes. Known for their sustainable practices, they have the AB Label from the French Government. Some of their organic farming practices include alternating lavender and legumes by season to keep the soil enriched. Local sheep also graze plants under the lavender. This is one of the best sustainable flower spots in the region.

Kaas Plateau in India

Located in the Western Ghats in India, Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers is a beautiful flower spot that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This flower field features a variety of rare and endangered plants, adding up to over 850 plants. The plants here are seasonal in their flowering, with the peak season being in September.  

In recent years, the Forest Service and locals have come together and have begun to implement measures to protect the integrity of the flower fields from damage from tourists. Some of the new changes to protect the environment will be: restricting the number of visitors, having nearby villages provide parking lots, allowing access to only one km in each plateau area, and more.

North Carolina Sunflower Fields

If you’re stateside and looking for a giant sunflower field, look no further than Raleigh’s Dorthea Dix Park, which features five acres of sunflowers. While Dix Park offers abundant attractions, the famous sunflowers bloom in July here. As a result, the sunflower fields are free to visit seven days a week from dawn until dusk. 

While the sunflowers bloom, the field serves as a significant pollinator habitat for bees and other animal species. Other sustainable measures include harvesting the sunflowers once the bloom is over to process them for biodiesel for educational programs and demonstrations. This tremendous and sustainable sunflower field is an excellent place to stop!

Shibazakura Field in Japan

There are several options for visiting pink flower fields in Japan, but the flower spot at Shibazakura Park of Higashikomoto is an excellent option. The park’s founder planted 80% of the flowers by himself, and it’s a unique site to visit. For example, Moss phlox looks like cherry blossoms and covers the hill at Shibazakura Park. In addition, guests can ride go-karts, camp, or enjoy the hot springs nearby. 

While these few destinations are only a glimpse into all of the sustainable flower field locations around the world, they offer beautiful vacation options to think about for your next trip. So enjoy the scents and bright colors while visiting your next flower spot!

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