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Remote work has been becoming increasingly common in the past year and will likely be a normal part of our future. Instead of spending the day working from your home office or local coffee shop, why not pack your bags and become a digital nomad?!

Digital nomads are people who aren’t dependent on a specific location and use technology to perform their job, many being entrepreneurs. A ‘workation’ is related to the digital nomad lifestyle and can be defined as a corporate initiative in which employees have the ability to work remotely from a destination location (to learn more about workations click here). 

If you decide to become a digital nomad, it is important that you choose a location that has coworking spaces to ensure you able to work effectively. Coworking spaces are specially designed areas where people assemble to work independently. Think of it as a big office that is shared by entrepreneurs and people from various companies!

Coworking spaces are also a great way to meet new people and collaborate if desired- making them ideal for working remotely while traveling. Luckily, there are many coworking places in cities throughout the world that practice sustainability, and therefore can make a workation eco-friendly.

Below are two cities that offer sustainable coworking spaces for remote work travel.

Byron Bay, Australia

The beachside town of Byron Bay located in New South Wales, Australia, is the perfect destination for sun-seeking digital nomads. Byron Bay is known for having a laid-back environment that has many locally-owned cafes and small businesses.

The Byron Shire Council (which covers the Byron Bay area), places emphasis on sustainable living within the community. They share information on how citizens can be more energy efficient in their homes and celebrate businesses that are champions for sustainability. There are sustainable cafes in the area which serve locally produced food along with free Wi-Fi, making for great coworking spaces for digital nomads.

There is even a coworking space in Byron Bay called Sustainable Valley, which provides sustainable resources for members. For example, not only does Sustainable Valley uses solar-powered energy, they also provide workshops and presentations on how members can grow their business in a sustainable way that will reduce their carbon footprint. Their coworking space is especially targeted towards entrepreneurs who have start-ups that are eco-friendly focused. 

Denver, United States

Located in the state of Colorado, Denver is a city that combines urban life with the great outdoors. It is in close proximately to the Rocky Mountains and therefore would be a great choice for nature-loving digital nomads.

Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency work to enable a climate-safe future for all of Denver, in collaboration with community partners and other units of government. Their initiatives include Climate Action, which are efforts to reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable transportation and mobility efforts.

As a notoriously young and hip city, Denver has several coworking places for remote work travel. For example, the coworking place called Green Spaces is innovative and sustainable while providing members with a high-quality area to work in. Green Spaces embraces a zero-waste lifestyle and has 160 solar panels on the roof of their building that are used to generate renewable energy. 

Will you take the leap and become a digital nomad? By choosing one of these sustainable destinations for remote work travel, you can embrace freedom while being conscious of the environment. If you would like to find any remote work to be a digital nomad, find it now!

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