Sustainable Bed and Breakfast Hotels Around the World
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Sustainable Bed and Breakfast Hotels Around the World

While voyaging around the world, sometimes all we long for is a home away from home. A bed and breakfast hotel aka a bnb is the ideal choice for such occasions. With a friendly atmosphere and a loving ambiance, the best bed and breakfast homes often give you a private and wholesome experience. 

You can be a family on a vacation or a solo wanderer exploring the world, BnBs are a comfortable choice of accommodation for both. B and B hotels have the touch of personalization and the choice of privacy, making it the best of both worlds between hotels and hostels.

What’s better? A lot of B and B hotels nowadays are making sustainable choices. Opting for these accommodations is always encouraged and appreciated.

So, here is a list of highly recommended eco-friendly bed and breakfasts that you might want to visit.

Peneda Ecofarm, Portugal

Run by a family of four, this quaint bed and breakfast hotel is actually a restored abandoned farm. Pedro and Elisabete resided in Porto for the majority of their lives, however, they always wanted to live closer to nature. Hence, they moved to the countryside and created their dream of maintaining a balanced, healthy, tolerant, and happy model of living.

This bnb gives you the opportunity to explore the local culture and nature since it is located on the edge of the Peneda – Gerês National Park. The hotel promotes ecotourism. They also organise hiking, land rover rides, and canyoning.

Peneda Eco Farm offers a fresh variety of farm-grown food paired with your wine of choice, reds, whites, or greens. They also customise meals. You can opt for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or lactose-free meals.

This hotel is one of the best bed and breakfasts as it incorporates a sustainable lifestyle. Along with organic farming, the property practises energy consumption and water consumption activities. They also use the three green R’s! 

This cute little home is ideal for the ultimate naturalistic experience.

Bayside Lodge, South Africa

This 5-bedroom bed and breakfast hotel is the vision of Bernie and Adrienne. This beautiful couple welcomes all the travellers staying at their property and thrive to create a wholesome environment for the guests. Bernie and Adrienne brief the guests upon arrival, they are extremely hospitable and provide their visitors with all the information they need during their trip.

Amanda and Lucille are the two happy helpers in the kitchen that cook up all the guests a delicious breakfast every day. You can also get a packed breakfast and go for a picnic near the lodge. 

The property is located very close to a beach which makes it a convenient spot to stay while vacationing. Bayside Lodge also includes a swimming pool, a polished garden, a fireplace in the guest lounge, and a library.

One can experience a beautiful sunset, a relaxing spa, go bird watching, or hiking during their stay at this accommodation.

This lodge is placed in the top 2 on the list of best B and B hotels by Tripadvisor and hence should be on your list while visiting South Africa.

ECO Lifestyle & Lodge, Barbados

Credit: Eco Lifestyle & Lodge

This unique bed and breakfast hotel is a renovated guest house, lovingly personalised by Kyle & Maryam. This New York couple loves to travel and has created a safe space for all their fellow adventurers. They have restored the Sea- U guest house by adding tropical design elements and some aspects of their easy-going lifestyle like the beautiful white hammocks all around the property.

Kyle and Maryam encourage mindful travelling and an eco-lifestyle in their ECO Lifestyle & Lodge.

They have put a lot of thought into uniquely designing each of the 10 guest rooms at this property. They have also imbibed personal touches in the corridors and common places of the bnb.

Using upcycled mahogany furniture in their rooms is only one of the sustainable choices that they have made at this place.

Their latest sustainable move was commencing the ECO sky water program. In this program, they use solar energy to extract water from thin air. The water is then stored in reusable sports bottles. Even the straws used are made of bamboo harvested at the property itself.

They practise organic farming and are one of the only B and B hotels on the island with a  farm-to-table restaurant for fresh, rejuvenating meals.

Bed and breakfasts are cosy and are a great place to stay while travelling. In a B&B hotel, you get to interact with the owners giving you a more personal and cultural experience. Eco-friendly bed and breakfasts are all the rage for individuals looking for peace and elegance. Since B and B hotels are small in size, they give you a chance to build a  community and share personal stories creating some loving shared memories.

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