Sustainability Master’s Programs in Australia
Ecotourism,  Oceania

Sustainability Master’s Programs
in Australia

Australia has recently faced a deluge of sustainability issues in the face of over-tourism. Humans endanger the natural Australian ecosystem both directly and indirectly. Consequences can be seen in Australia’s recent battle with bushfires and the mass whitening of coral in the Great Barrier Reef. To learn more about these issues and how you can help, you can partake in a sustainability master’s program.

Obtaining a master’s in Australia in the field of sustainable tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Ecotourism initiatives have become standard in the country on account of their diverse species, aboriginal people, and unique environment, thus making Australia a great place to learn about these issues. Experts are needed in this particular industry to protect the environment from the continuous flood of travelers going in and out of Australia. 

Read on to learn about some of Australia’s best tourism-related sustainability master’s programs.


Monash University – Master of International Sustainable Tourism Management

Monash University in Melbourne, Australia offers an International Sustainable Tourism Management Master’s degree. While the degree is normally taught in person, international students admitted will be taking classes remotely due to the current global pandemic. 

The degree is composed of four parts: principal study, applied study, professional development, and specialist study. You will first take fundamental courses in international sustainable tourism, before delving into deeper and more specialized topics. 

You will also have the chance to complete your degree with an international field school, research project, or professional internship. 

Classes offered in this program include ‘Sustainable Tourism Development and Planning’, ‘Environmental Analysis’, ‘Leadership in Intercultural Initiatives, and many more unique classes. 

Graduates of this program have gone on to work for the World Tourism Organization, various NGOs, and tourism agencies. 

University of Tasmania – Master of Tourism, Environmental, and Cultural Heritage

You can receive a Master of Tourism, Environmental, and Cultural Heritage at the University of Tasmania in Hobart, Australia. The sustainability graduate program is taught on campus and is normally completed in two years. 

The sustainable master’s degree works closely with Tasmanian tourist destinations. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with various industry professionals, as well as learn through on-site visits and critical analysis. 

Intensive field trips are conducted to Cradle Mountain and Port Arthur Historic Site. These trips are taught by managers of the location. You will learn about real life issues that threaten these areas and how to effectively manage them. 

You can take courses such as ‘Crisis Management’ and ‘Environmental Conservation and Management’. At the end of the program, you will either complete a research thesis project or take part in an internship with a local organization. 

The University of West Australia – Master of Ecotourism

The University of West Australia offers a Master of Ecotourism degree, which takes place on campus in Perth, Australia. The program lasts for two years, though some may be able to complete it in 1.5 years. 

This sustainability master’s program covers the theories of ecotourism, biodiversity, cultural and indigenous heritage, science communication, and environmental law and policy. 

Graduates will have the knowledge and abilities necessary for working in the ecotourism industry. They will be able to work towards environmental protection against over-tourism within various ecotourism enterprises.

The program offers many different courses, including ‘Core Principles of Ecotourism’, ‘Marine Ecology’, and ‘Origins, Evolution, & Conservation of Biodiversity’.

Get Your Sustainable Tourism Master’s Degree!

Australia is facing countless environmental crises, making it one of the best times to get a master’s in Australia in the field of sustainable tourism. Professionals in this field are urgently needed to help protect the environment from the continuous onslaught of tourists. 

Combine your passions for travel and environmental stability, all while doing your part to help protect Australia’s beautiful natural environment.

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