Stay At The Eco Hotel That Won The Sustainable Tourism Award
Eco Hotel / Eco Lodge

Stay At The Eco Hotel That Won
The Sustainable Tourism Award

Travelers are holding themselves to higher standards of eco responsibility as they plan their trips and set forth into the world. While many hotels use an abundance of resources, there are a few standout properties that have implemented sustainable solutions. These eco friendly hotels are utilizing new technologies to make a more positive environmental and social impact. Keep reading to find out which hotel won the eco hotel Sustainable Tourism Award, as well as a few sustainable hotel honorable mentions. 

The World Travel Awards serves to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across the global travel and tourism industry. This includes leaders in sustainable and eco friendly travel and eco friendly hotels, lodges, and green spaces. These awards are prestigious, regarded as some of the most notable awards in the industry, and are voted on by millions of people. 

The winner of the World’s Leading Green Hotel Award from the World Travel Awards is…

Gaia Hotel & Reserve – Costa Rica

Credit: Gaia Hotel & Reserve

The Gaia Hotel and nature reserve is a 5-star boutique luxury hotel on 15 acres of pristine jungle. Located in Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica, this eco hotel is an adults only resort. 

The Gaia offers a variety of amenities such as an on-site restaurant, luxury spa, gym, pool, and one day tours. Indulge yourself with personalized services at this eco friendly hotel. The hotel is located in vast lowland forests which offer a remarkable biodiversity of wildlife.

Recently they have even begun to reintroduce the Scarlet Macaw into the nature preserve, and have saved over 200 to date. The Gaia is dedicated to reducing the eco footprint of the hotel industry and is THE premiere eco hotel in the world. 

Honorable Mentions

Daintree Ecolodge and Spa – Australia 

Credit: @phlipvids

As both an Eco Certified Advanced Ecotourism Property and Climate Action Business, the Daintree Ecolodge and Spa in Queensland, Australia is a great choice for those wanting an eco friendly hotel option. With a passion for reducing their impact on the environment and making a positive change on the community, this eco hotel is doing big things. 

They do this by minimizing the use of single-use plastics and packaging at their sustainable hotel.  This includes in the kitchen, restaurant, and in each of the guest rooms. The Daintree also uses eWater as a cleaning product instead of using harsh chemicals. They also use their on-site vegetable garden to provide the chef with fresh produce for guest meals. They have a biocycle wastewater treatment plant right onsite that allows water to be recycled and used for irrigation.  

Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel – Ecuador 

From its stunning beachfront location in Puerto Ayora, on the south coast of Santa Cruz Island, the Finch Bay Galapagoes Hotel is a pioneer in the eco hotel business. They are bringing sustainable innovation to the Galapagos Islands. 

Finch Bay was the first hotel to treat its wastewater and turn it into an irrigation system for  native plants as well as its vegetable and herb gardens. They were also among the first hotels to install energy-saving lights and invest in green appliances. Finch Bay has also reduced its single-use plastic to zero. This sustainable hotel is also carbon neutral through our offsetting program in Ecuador’s biodiverse Chocó forests. 

Additional Options:

All of these are great options for eco hotels around the world, but there are so many more! You can find an eco-hotel near you by choosing the eco-friendly option in most travel search engines. Staying at these places will create a ripple effect, so consider an eco hotel for your next trip! 

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