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Solo Travel

Solo Travel:
The Best to Enjoy Nature
in a Sustainable Way

Travelling solo gives one the opportunity to really connect with their surroundings. This connection allows for a truly special experience. 

With the high population density that many of us live in on a daily basis, and always being surrounded by others, be it at work or at home, the ability to just experience the moment is becoming a rare happening indeed.

When I was a student, I backpacked in various countries. The experiences have left a lasting impression and the memories of those times, the people I met, my thoughts and feelings at the time, hold a special place in my mind. I cannot forget the excitement I felt at visiting nature when travelling alone.

The charm of travelling alone

In everyday life, it’s difficult to find the time to get in touch with yourself. Daily schedules, such as work and school, can be challenging. The ability to travel alone to an extraordinary destination, is an opportunity which should not be bypassed. 

One may discover that travelling alone may offer more opportunities to interact with the locals and chat with fellow travellers, than when travelling in a group with friends and family. Interestingly, strangers seem to be more inclined to include solo travellers by asking opinions, or example, sharing tables in an eatery with limited seating options.

When travelling solo, the possibility to objectively observe one’s surroundings and circumstance, has a habit of presenting itself in an almost meditative way. Take advantage of the opportunity and take note of how you felt at the time. Ask yourself the questions, example: ‘what are those things you would really like to do’ and ‘what kind of life do you want to live’?

Organise your journey at your own pace

The big appeal of travelling alone is that one can do what you want, when you want. Touring in your own time lessens the stress of schedules, have-to’s and obligations to engage in tourism activities which may not be of personal interest to you. By travelling solo, you are able to tailor your own activities to fit exactly what you, and only you, are looking for. In doing this, one is able to create a very personalised journey and make incredible memories!

Nature enjoyed singularly can be a refreshing experience. There are so many places in the world, where one is able to go and visit the magnificent nature.  Imagine how pleasant a feeling it is to hear the birds, to smell the moisture on the plant life in the early morning, to sit, think and enjoy. When travelling with others, these moments can be rare. So take the time and enjoy the moment!

Become a sustainable traveler!

You have certainly become familiar with the fact that the earth is facing monumental environmental problems. Issues such as rising temperatures, sustainability efforts and environmental conservation have been discussed frequently, around the world. People are beginning to realise that environmental issues are not strictly the government’s concern to make stronger efforts, or that of large corporations but it is an individual responsibility as well. 

Our decisions make a difference. Our purchases make a difference. Our lifestyles make the difference. Why not make your travels eco-friendly and put into practice more sustainable habits. Travelling in a sustainable way is a global trend now. As mentioned above, travel alone can be a tailor-made trip, as it is easy to customise. So why not organise a self-produced sustainable travel? Be on trend by creating your own ‘sustainable journey’ by incorporating an eco-tour, by booking your stay at an eco-lodge or alternative sustainable accommodation options, or taking a tour company which works to preserve nature and provide guidance with local rangers. All of these are actions which work to the betterment of a tourism which coexists with nature, and not working against it.

If you have future plans for solo travel, please take the opportunity to visit nature and use sustainable practices throughout your trip. Have a wonderful and memorable experience!

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