Sea Turtle Nesting Season & What to Look Out For
Wildlife Protection

Sea Turtle Nesting Season
& What to Look Out For

The sea turtle nesting season is when turtles create nests, lay their eggs, and introduce their babies into the world. It takes place during the months of May and October every year and it is important that we learn what to look out for during this time so we can do our part in sea turtle conservation.

Why is sea turtle conservation necessary?

Sea turtle conservation is beneficial to the protection of these amazing sea creatures. Without sea turtle conservation, the animals could be harmed, the turtle nesting patterns may be disrupted, and the overall numbers of these already endangered animals could be at risk.

What can travelers do to help during sea turtle nesting season?

The first step is to know what turtle nesting signs to look out for. Tracks in the sand and turtle eggs are both positive ways to identify a nest on a sandy beach. As travelers, you should also make sure to know what you can do to help these animals stay safe during the sea turtle nesting season so they can successfully bring their babies into the world.

Some rules to follow that can help with sea turtle conservation include: not shining lights along nesting beaches, not littering, and keeping all pets on leashes.

It’s also beneficial to know what programs are available and whom you can contact in the event you find a disturbed nest or sea turtles that have encountered a problem. Below is the contact for those living in Florida. Most destinations have a similar wildlife hotline available to call, so research the wildlife protection teams in your destination.

FWC in Florida, USA

This is a nonprofit organization that exists so that people can report wildlife violations and also get animals to help should they need it. You can save their hotline number to your phone and contact them if you come across any signs of disrupted turtle nesting sites.

That’s not to say Florida is the only destination offering help to sea turtles. Below are two highly recommended groups that provide charity and conservation for them too:

GoEco in Naifaru, Maldives

This is a sea turtle conservation project alongside marine biologists to help get the sea turtles that have previously been injured back to health and into the wild. If you’d like to help with this important project you can apply here.

SWOT (State of the World’s Sea Turtles)

This is an international team of conservationists who need public help to continue saving sea turtles around the world. If you would like to join their community and see how you too can help, you can click here

As you can see, there are different projects around the world for sea turtle conservation for you to participate in. When traveling to different beaches that have sea turtle colonies nearby, you should always make sure to check if the beaches are open during your visit and if so keep an eye on the signs for turtle nesting sites. By doing your bit, you can be part of the overall efforts to help these magnificent creatures thrive during the sea turtle nesting season.

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