Sea Turtle Conservation and Sustainable Tourism
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Sea Turtle Conservation
and Sustainable Tourism

You can find sea turtles in basically every ocean basin around the world. Many different species of sea turtles reside in various climate regions and water temperatures. However, one thing all turtles have in common is the danger they are currently facing due to ongoing climate change. Sea turtle conservation is critical in the face of these tribulations. It is up to us to protect these beautiful creatures. 

Turtle’s Face Polluted Oceans

Turtles worldwide have been tasked with facing the dangers of a polluted and warming ocean. Not only are sea turtle habitats being destroyed because of rising sea levels and worsening storms, but the warming oceans are creating changes in the ecosystem. These changes have introduced sea turtles to new predators that would otherwise not interact with them. 

Humans continue to pollute the oceans with plastics and oil spills. Turtles are extremely sensitive to polluted waters and often find themselves dying by choking on trash. 

Sea turtles are also struggling more with incubating their youth. Warmer temperatures lead to a shorter incubation period, causing the likelihood of premature deaths to rise, especially for males.

All of these dangers are simultaneously affecting sea turtles, leading to a rise in concern about their potential extinction. 

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Sustainable Tourism Initiatives for Turtles

Here are a couple of sustainable tourism initiatives that are working toward sea turtle preservation:

La Tortuga Feliz, Costa Rica

La Tortuga Feliz is a Costa Rica-based nonprofit organization focused on the protection of sea turtles. La Tortuga Feliz is four hours from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. It’s on an isolated beach approximately 1km from where the River Pacuare meets the Caribbean Sea. While visiting the beautiful beaches of this country, you can help do your part by volunteering some of your time to help this organization. Volunteer activities include caring for turtles in their rescue facility and patrolling the beaches for turtles at night. La Tortuga Feliz also donates some of its proceeds to the local people, hoping to take the need away to poach turtle eggs for money.

See Turtle Tours

See Turtle is a nonprofit and tour company that donates 100% of its tour profits to sea turtle preservation. Since their start in 2008, they have raised over $1,000,000 for sea turtle conservation from tours and donations. They offer trips to Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, and the Galapagos. During this trip, you will have the chance to get up close with turtles, help the company measure them, move their eggs to safety, and more!

What You Can Do To Protect Turtles

Here are some simple actions you can take to help sea turtle conservation:

1. Choose an ecotour company that protects marine life

Book a tour or volunteer experience with an ecotour company like the ones I discussed above to protect the turtles while you enjoy their habitat. 

2. Reduce your use of plastics

Reduce your use of single-use plastics, like straws. Sea turtles and straws are natural enemies. The less you use, the better off the sea turtles are. 

3. Don’t touch the turtles! 

Turtles are cute and harmless, but touching them is never a good idea. This can cause them disease, unnecessary stress and disrupt their natural rhythm. It is also not a good idea to get close to them which also causes unnecessary stress for them.

4. Participate in turtle conservation volunteer activity on your trip 

Take part in helping sea turtles by volunteering at a turtle preservation organization while you travel. You can also choose to simply donate to the organization. 

5. Participate in coastal clean-ups

There are so many coastal clean-ups being constantly organized. Sign up for one near you or on your next adventure to help make the oceans a bit cleaner for the turtles.

Protect the Turtles!

The turtles are in danger due to the warming climate and polluted oceans. While traveling, you can book a tour with a sea turtle preservation agency so that you may explore the beauty of a country, all while helping to maintain the ecosystem and protect the turtles.

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