Saudi Arabia Tourism: The Next Sustainable Destination
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Saudi Arabia Tourism:
The Next Sustainable Destination

While Saudi Arabia has always been an intriguing and mysterious destination, it has never been considered a sustainable destination in the past. Although many travelers avoid Saudi Arabia travel due to it being closed in terms of tourism, the country is rich in cultural heritage. Other travelers seek to discover the mysteries behind a country that was closed to tourism for many years.

Saudi efforts to promote sustainable tourism are remarkable, said Anita Mendiratta, special adviser to the UN World Tourism Organization’s secretary-general.

Read on to find out more about the reason Saudi Arabia tourism is about to boom, thanks to these sustainable efforts. 

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Why Visit Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is launching several ecotourism efforts to ensure sustainable travel is accessible in its future. By 2030 the country has a goal of increasing their tourism numbers to 100 million visitors per year. There are several “giga-projects” that the country has begun working on to contribute to this sustainable travel goal. 

The Red Sea Project

The Red Sea Project spans the archipelago of 90 islands on the western coast of Saudi Arabia, this project began in 2017. The goal is to attract travelers to the unspoiled islands while protecting the ecosystem of the Red Sea coast. The project will also create around 70,000 local jobs and is pursuing the use of 100% renewable energy. The plan also includes sustainable practices such as 100% carbon neutrality, zero waste landfills, and a ban on single use plastics. The Red Sea Project is at the forefront of Saudi Arabia tourism and its sustainable efforts. The Red Sea is also a popular destination for diving, check out Sustainable Red Sea Diving.

Green Riyadah

The goal of Green Riyadah is to increase the city’s green spaces from around 1.7 square miles to 28 square miles. The hope is that this will reduce temperatures, improve air quality, and encourage healthy lifestyles for both residents and those who visit Saudi Arabia. Green Riyadah includes efforts of planting 7.5 million trees across the country’s capital city. Not only that, but with sustainability in mind, these green spaces will be watered with recycled water from a brand new irrigation system that is designed to reduce water waste. 

The NEOM Project

Roughly translated from Arabic to English, NEOM means new future, and that’s certainly the goal for Saudi Arabia travel. The NEOM Project is specific to the Tabuk region and includes the establishment of smart towns, cities, and tourism entertainment spots. NEOM has the lofty goal of introducing a completely new model of urban sustainability. This will include sustainability efforts such as pioneering solar technology that will aid in more sustainable water practices. As well as, the region hosting the world’s largest green hydrogen project. The ultimate goal of the hydrogen project is to eliminate 3 million tons of CO2 emissions per year. 

Keep In Mind For Saudi Arabia Travel

While Saudi Arabia’s sustainable efforts cannot go unnoticed, it is important to remember that this is a country that did not allow tourism in the past. As a responsible traveler you’ll need to be respectful of the strict cultural differences of the country. Saudi Arabia is both deeply religious and incredibly conservative so be mindful of dress while visiting. 

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Is Saudi Arabia the next big sustainable tourism destination? All signs point to yes! You’ll want to pay close attention to how these sustainable efforts play out for Saudi Arabia tourism. Are you ready to explore a country that was once off limits to travelers and discover all of its mysteries? Then visit Saudi Arabia! 

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